This Mumbai girl leaves the WhtsApp group, the family WhtsApp group!

Are you annoyed with those good morning and long Hindi forwards on family Whatsapp group? Every time you are added into one, you either mute it or undo automatic download of images. And often wish leaving the group but don’t want to seem offending or become a rebel and the next topic every one would discuss at a family wedding? If this is the case, then here is alot of inspiration for you!

Today the pressure of social media is such that leaving the family WhatsApp group means you want to avoid or stay away from your family, or maybe that you think they are too ld to talk.

Tired of all the fake news, insensitive jokes and family pressure, this Mumbai woman committed this sacrilegious act and left her family WhatsApp group with a strong message.

The happy Noodle also seems like a Grammar police.

Posted by Namaah Kumar Kanabar on Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And a literature enthusiast!

Thank you for giving us goals, you are revolutionary! The first thing we are doing is posting this in our own family group.

-PTC News