Twin Tornadoes Damage Dozens Of Homes In Ottawa-Gatineau Region; watch video

Twin Tornadoes Damage Dozens Of Homes In Ottawa-Gatineau Region
Twin Tornadoes Damage Dozens Of Homes In Ottawa-Gatineau Region

Twin tornadoes damage dozens of homes in Ottawa-Gatineau region

Powerful twin tornadoes have torn the Ottawa-Gatineau region on Friday afternoon. They ripped off houses and injured nearly 6-7 people.

It was a larger tornado, which was 500 meters wide at one people.

The first tornado traveled at a speed of 240-260 km per hour. It traveled through Ontario and Quebec.

The Second tornado has wind speeds of about 220 km/hour and traveled through the Ottawa area.

The city never saw such devastation in the city. It looked like as if someone has dropped off a bomb from the air.

The injured people have been rushed to the Ottawa hospital and 2 of them were in critical condition and one of them is in ICU and the rest of them is in stable condition.

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There are no reports of missing people so far. There were power outages at various parts. Nearly more than 140,000 people were without power and more than 200 power outages were hit in the region.

The government has advised people to stock their homes with enough food, water, and other necessary things.

There were cars overturned and power lines fell from the various stations.

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Firefighters were also going door-to-door to check if the structures were safe.

Many residents found shelter in Ottawa’s west Carlton high school and Canterbury community centers. Many other emergency centers are expected to open up in the coming days.