Skipping Sikh: 73-year-old skips for charities

By Rajan Nath - April 27, 2020 4:04 pm

Sikhs are mandated to contribute 10 percent of their income - Dasvandh - for charities. And here is a man, who at 73, is doing beyond his "Dasvandh". Moved by the suffering of humanity because of the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, this England-based septuagenarian has embarked upon a novel way not only to stay fit in isolation but also motivated others for raising funds for NHS, a big charity of United Kingdom.

And this man is none other than Rajinder Singh, a 73 years old Sikh from West London, UK. Though he has been skipping from a young age, his father taught him how to skip. His father was in the Army so was very much into fitness.

"My father has never been to a gym, he has looked after his health through set taught to exercise. He is able to skip for a minute consistently and can skip on and off for 20mins or longer a day, says Minreet Kaur, a communication specialist.

"He is in isolation with my mum aged 69 and one day we were at the allotment and we thought let's do something positive and I said to my dad can you skip, he did and I put this up on twitter minkaur5 and the video went viral. He has also done other exercises that have gone viral like the pull-up bar, he can run, he can cycle and for his age is a real role model and inspiration to many worldwide as his story has gone viral and people feel motivated by him," adds Minreet Kaur.

She reveals: "We set the skipping challenge and we want people to join in and take part and we are raising funds for the NHS and would like to reach £10,000 but we are not there yet, we have raised £8500 so far.

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"We want people to do any form of exercise and this can be walking, running, or skipping but to help support us to raise these funds so we can give back to the NHS. My father has become an international icon and so many people in and out of the community are inspired by him." "He wants people to exercise and stay safe, stay home, and has even done online exercise videos for the community," concludes Minreet Kaur.

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