[VIDEO] Ranu Mondal refuses to pose for a selfie with a fan, evokes criticism

Ranu Mondal

Social media plays a big role in creating overnight sensations. Cases in point are “wink girl” Priya Warrier, to “Dancing Uncle” who merrily shakes a leg to Govinda’s songs. Internet has become a talent search platform of sorts. The most recent and outstanding example is Ranu Mondal. The 59-year-old singer was found singing at West Bengal’s Ranaghat railway station in her mellifluous voice. The video of her singing “Ek pyaar ka nagma hai” went viral on social media.

Himesh Reshammiya saw the video and offered her a break with the song, “Teri Meri Kahani” for his upcoming film, Happy Hardy and Heer. The song received much appreciation. But her erratic behaviour also startles fans. A video of her getting defensive on being approached by a fan in a supermarket is going viral. The singer was seen withdrawing from her saying, ‘ye kya hota hai,’ (what does this mean)?

Here are some of the tweets on the issue:

While this evoked much criticism from netizens, let’s be fair enough to remember that she is not a seasoned celebrity trained in dealing with fans in the most diplomatic manner. After a life of poverty and struggle, she would be clueless in the fine art of diplomacy.

-PTC News