10 essential nutrients to have in your 30s

Entering your thirties is an opportune time to prioritise your health. Here are 10 dietary adjustments to support healthy aging as you embark on this new decade. While aging is natural, proactive measures can promote lifelong wellness.

Boost Fiber Intake

Aim for 25-29g daily; reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

Prioritise Omega-3s

Improve mood, cognition, reduce inflammation, lower cardiovascular risk.

Ditch Fad Diets

Embrace enriching lifestyle habits over quick fixes for sustainable health.

Moderate Alcohol

Limit to one drink/day to reduce risks of heart disease, liver issues, and cancer.

Limit Processed Meats

High consumption linked to increased colorectal cancer risk; keep intake low.

Get Enough Calcium

Preserve bone density in your 30s by ensuring adequate calcium intake.

Start with Breakfast

Kickstart your day with a balanced breakfast for sustained energy.

Go Plant-Based

Make vegetables the star of your plate, with protein and whole grains as sides.

Support Hormonal Balance

Eat omega-3 rich foods and vitamin B6 to manage stress as progesterone levels decline.

Smart Exercise

Adapt workouts to maintain muscle mass as you age; focus on efficiency over intensity.