Workplace phrases often carry specific meanings and can be used in various professional contexts. Here are some common smart workplace phrases along with their meanings

Touch base

Meaning: To briefly meet or communicate with someone to discuss a project, update, or progress.

Circle back

Meaning: To revisit a topic or discussion later, usually after gathering more information or input.

Hit the ground running

Meaning: To start a project or job quickly and with a lot of energy, making immediate progress.

Get the ball rolling

Meaning: To initiate or start a process or project.

On the same page

Meaning: To have a shared understanding or agreement on a particular topic or plan.

Run it up the flagpole

Meaning: To propose an idea or suggestion to see if it gains approval or support.

Low-hanging fruit

Meaning: Easily achievable tasks or goals that can be addressed quickly and with minimal effort.

Keep me in the loop

Meaning: To be kept informed and updated on the progress or developments of a project or situation.

Pushing the envelope

Meaning: Going beyond conventional limits, often used in the context of innovation or taking risks.