WEF 2018: Globalisation going through major crisis says Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron said globalisation is going through a major crisis as he joined several other world leaders in questioning the inward- looking national policies of some countries,on Wednesday.

In what is being seen as coming together of various world leaders in criticising the so-called protectionist measures of the US administration ahead of President Donald Trump’s Davos visit, many of them here at the World Economic Forum (WEF) have come out in open to flag the risks facing globalisation.

Macron, who began his special address in French but quickly moved to English, said he has come here with a call for action since France has also been affected by the structural changes and its relationship with globalisation.

“Let us not be naive as globalisation is going through a major crisis and this needs to be fought collectively with global solutions,” he said.

The French President said he has a special responsibility to keep France open to the rest of world, to stand with those who have been left behind by globalisation and to show its benefits to the middle and lower classes.

Starting with a quip, he said the obvious paradox here is that we are talking about globalisation at a place which is cut off from the rest of the world by snow.

Also, people may question global warming seeing so much snow and fortunately no global warming sceptic has been invited here, he said leaving the audience bursting with laughter.

About his country, Macron said France is at the core of Europe. “Europe needs to redesign a ten-year strategy to make Europe an actual economic, social, green, scientific and political power,” he noted. PTI