Why is PUBG getting out of trend?

Why is PUBG getting out of trend?

PUBG- Players Unknown Battle Ground, the game gripping youth like a drug is now losing its fan base. Since, March 2018 the game, PUBG has gained immense popularity among teens. Gradually the game became so addictive that it started shedding its impact on the mental health of the players.

What makes PUBG addictive?

With over 50 million active users across India, the battleground has made its way to every teenager’s phone. The game is about collecting weapons to kill the players playing along to survive till the end of the game, where parachutes of nearly hundreds of players are launched onto the island at the same time. The thrill of surviving till the end gives the user an immediate sense of satisfaction and adrenalin rush which is enough for the player to come back for more. But due to various reasons, PUBG is facing steady downfall in its player base.

Two of them are:

• Launch of Fortnite, Apex legends, and Call of Duty

With Fortnite already affecting PUBG’s users, block Apex legend has also contributed a lot in its decline. The major reason behind the popularity of these games over PUBG is they are free to play on every platform. Likewise, Call of Duty brought the latest game for mobile phones which made a heavy dent to the Bluehole games.

• Effect of PUBG on Mental health

Eyeballs stuck on Smartphone, earphones plugged in and fingers constantly moving on the screen, yes right, nowadays this is the story of every other youngster out there. Youth has totally indulged itself into this unaware of the disaster it is causing to their mental health. WHO has recently recognized “gaming disorder” as a mental health disease.

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Eye fatigues, an increase of aggression, headaches, backaches, carpal tunnel syndrome are a few common health issues that stem out of online gaming. In a nutshell, excess of everything is bad so is with PUBG. So if played within limits one can escape such health hazards. And to attract more player base Bluehole must consider making PUBG go free-to-play just like its competitors if it needs to sustain in the market for a long period of time.

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