Winter Olympics 2018: Big Air gets Canada its 11th gold

Winter Olympics 2018: Big Air gets Canada its 11th gold
Big Air, introduced in Winter Olympic Games at PyeongChang, saw Canada getting its 11th gold medal. The gold won by Sebastien Toutant of Quebec was perhaps a big consolation after men’s hockey team lost its semi-final 3-4 against Germany.
While Canada continues to be at position number three, behind Norway and Germany, in medals tally, the decision to carry Canadian flag at the closing ceremony on Sunday was decided in favour of Kim Boutin, the first Canadian athlete to win three medals in a single Olympic Games. Kim has won two bronze and a silver in short speed skating here.
In fact hockey fans all over Canada were disappointed as both men and women teams could not yield results – gold medals – expected of them. While women’s team lost to the US in shootout, Canada went down fighting to Germany in men’s semi-finals last night.

Sebastien Toutant, however, has some pleasant news for all fans back home with a splendid gold medal triumph in big air on a day when sky was heavily overcast, it was chilly and foggy.

The 25-year-old Sebastien scored 84.75 points on his first run and 89.50 on his second for a combined 174.25 points. Toutant did not  land his final run,as it was n0t required.

In big air, each rider gets three runs with the points from their top two combined for a total score. Jumps are judged based on difficulty and execution — including amplitude and landing.

Kyle Mack of the United States won silver while Britain’s Billy Morgan took bronze.

Max Parrot, also from Quebec,  who won silver in slopestyle last week, finished ninth with 117.75 while Regina’s Mark McMorris, the slopestyle bronze medallist, was 10th after struggling to land his first two jumps.

Toutant finished 11th in slopestyle last week.

In the big air final, each rider performs three jumps, with the top scores from two different jumps counting towards the final results.

Max Parrot was the third Canadian down the ramp. He moved just ahead of Toutant with 85.00 points. After the first run, Norway’s Torgeir Bergrem held the lead with 88.50 points while Parrot and Toutant sat in second and third.

Toutant carried his momentum into the second run, stomping another stellar jump that scored 89.50 for a running total of 174.25 points. On his second run, McMorris decided to repeat his first jump in an attempt to improve his score, but he also crashed out on that one. Parrot also didn’t have much luck on his second go, falling hard on his landing.

Heading into the final run, Toutant had taken over the lead ahead of Americans Kyle Mack and Chris Corning while Parrot was in sixth place and McMorris in 10th.

Toutant would have to settle for his score of 174.25 when he couldn’t successfully land his final jump. He then watched as the rest of the field tried to catch him. Mack and Corning were both unable to, leaving Parrot as the last man who could dethrone him. But he also crashed out, giving the gold to Toutant.

At the start of the Games, Parrot and McMorris captured silver and bronze, respectively, in the slopestyle event.

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