World’s longest sea bridge opened in China

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World's longest sea bridge opened in China

World’s longest sea bridge opened in China

World’s longest sea-crossing bridge connecting Hong Kong to the mainland Chinese city, Zhuhai is officially inaugurated. The completion of construction of $20- billion Bridge took nine years. It is built over the Pearl River Delta sea.

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The bridge cut the journey time between China and Hong Kong from three hours to thirty minutes. This will allow tourist and commuters to move easily around the region. The private car owners would not be able to cross the bridge without a permit. Most of the drivers have to park their cars at the Hong Kong port. They would be taken to another side via shuttle bus after getting immigration clearance.

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A great engineering effort has gone into the building of the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge. The bridge can withstand a magnitude 8, earthquake and a powerful typhoon. Nearly 400,000 tons of steel has been used in the bridge.

A submerged 6.7-kilometer tunnel is also prepared. It is prepared to avoid the busy shipping paths.