Zomato acquires Uber Eats business in India

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Zomato Uber Eats Deal | Zomato Uber Eats Merger: Zomato on Tuesday announced the acquisition of Uber eats food delivery business, in India in an all-stock deal. As per the deal, it gives Uber 9.99% ownership in Zomato, underlines the U.S.-listed cab aggregator’s effort to cut back on loss-making business segments globally.

Following the acquisition, Uber Eats took to twitter and wrote: “We entered food delivery in India in 2017 and today is when our journey takes a different route. Zomato has acquired Uber Eats in India and we’ll no longer be available here with immediate effect. We wish all our users more good times with great food on the road ahead.”

In another tweet, Uber Eats said that “We’ll be shutting down our page down now. If you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to our customer service. We are still available through help.uber.com/ubereats – thanks for being with us and making our journey worthwhile.” 

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Meanwhile, Zomato took to twitter and wrote: “It’s a big day for us and an even bigger one for Uber Eats India – all of us at Zomato want to thank everyone who has contributed to making Uber Eats India what it is today and especially you, the foodies. We look forward to this new beginning and exciting times, together ?.”

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