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Here is how you can chop vegetables to maximize their nutritional value

Written by  Gitanjali Mangal -- August 27th 2020 06:18 PM -- Updated: February 17th 2022 04:32 PM
Here is how you can chop vegetables to maximize their nutritional value

Here is how you can chop vegetables to maximize their nutritional value

They say that “eat more vegetables, it is good for your health”, and it is undoubtedly the best advice.

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A healthy diet lowers the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, cataracts, muscular degeneration, digestive-tract cancers etc.

Thanks to the mix of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that these vegetables contain. And to reap the maximum nutritional benefits, you need to cook them right.

And before cooking, we need to chop and cut the vegetables, but are you aware that that the way we chop and peel vegetables, it also impacts their nutrient content? Here are a few ways to maximize the vegetables' nutritional value.

How to Wash them?

Washing the vegetables before peeling or chopping is must, not just to remove dirt and bacteria but also to retain all the water-soluble vitamins present in them.

The magic of right knife

A blunt knife can cause more unwanted damage than the sharp one. The blunt blade of a dull knife makes the vegetable more prone to electrolyte leakage which also oozes out the potassium and calcium from them. It can then lead to increased amount of foul odor.

Peel it Right

The best way to peel the vegetable is to peel it keeping very close to the skin and take out a thin layer to derive the maximum nutrients.

Chopping method

It is often observed that the more finely we chop to make them look nice, the more damage we do to its nutrients. Dicing the vegetables finely is not very beneficial. Finely chopped vegetable is more prone to fast spoilage than roughly chopped. It might lead to loss of moisture and natural colour of the vegetable. You can also opt for chopping them into larger pieces.

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Do you know your vegetables?

Have you ever realized that not all your vegetables need to be cut or chopped or peeled? Try not to peel the entire vegetable and keep some skin to get the most out of some vegetables like Cucumbers, Potatoes, Tomatoes and Brinjal.

Try these ways to make the best out of your vegetables.

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