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Now, play Netflix Games on iOS too

Written by  Jasleen Kaur -- November 10th 2021 03:10 PM -- Updated: November 10th 2021 03:14 PM
Now, play Netflix Games on iOS too

Now, play Netflix Games on iOS too

Popular streaming giant Netflix has officially brought its new gaming service to all iOS users.

As per information, the Netflix gaming service uses Apple's in-app payment system, even though the main app does not. The gaming service was brought to all subscribers on Android recently, but earlier due to some clashes with Apple, it was not made available to the iOS users.

But now an official tweet by Netlfix itself announced the news, also informing that the service gives users access to a limited selection of mobile games without ads or in-app purchases.

Netflix Gaming Service on iOS Likely to Offer Individual Games Through the App Store - MacRumors

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Five launch games are already available as individual downloads from the App Store. These launch games include 'Stranger Things: 1984', 'Stranger Things 3: The Game', 'Shooting Hoops', 'Teeter (Up)', and 'Card Blast'.

The recently announced game titled 'Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story' that will cost $10 (US) on Switch and PC, will be available for free to Netflix subscribers.

Other cloud gaming platforms such as Microsoft xCloud, Nvidia Geforce Now, Google Stadia, and Facebook Gaming, have struggled to find footing on iOS due to Apple's demanding App Store restrictions.

Why Netflix's Expansion Into Gaming Is (Not) A Good Strategy

However, Netflix was given the chance unlike other platforms that have attempted to sidestep Apple's policies by launching as web apps, but this obviously doesn't provide the best gaming experience.

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The users who will launch the Netflix Games apps individually without an account are prompted to sign up for Netflix using Apple's in-app system. After the user does that, then Apple receives a 30 per cent cut of their payments for the first year, then 15 per cent of each payment after that.

Netflix Gaming Service Available for Android Users in the U.S.—Details | Observer

Netflix has still not enabled the option to send new customers through Apple's payment system in its main app, but this odd arrangement sounds enough to get Netflix Games on iOS.

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