Morning Boost

Coffee Choice: A strong black coffee or an espresso. Reasoning: Kickstart your day with a caffeine jolt to increase alertness and energy.

Cozy and Relaxed

Coffee Choice: A warm and comforting cappuccino or latte. Reasoning: The creamy texture and mild flavour create a soothing and enjoyable experience.

Stressed or Overwhelmed

Coffee Choice: A calming herbal tea or a decaffeinated coffee. Reasoning: Avoid excessive caffeine and opt for calming beverages to help manage stress.

Post-Dinner Relaxation

Coffee Choice: A smooth and rich decaffeinated coffee or a dessert-like coffee, such as affogato. Reasoning: Wind down without the jitters, and enjoy a delightful treat after a meal.

Productivity Boost

Coffee Choice: A cold brew or an iced coffee with a splash of milk. Reasoning: Refreshing and energizing, perfect for staying focused during work or study sessions.