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Why is the Sensex declining today? Exploring four reasons and future expectations

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 15th 2024 01:47 PM
Why is the Sensex declining today? Exploring four reasons and future expectations

Why is the Sensex declining today? Exploring four reasons and future expectations

PTC News Desk: Amidst the current market turmoil, investors are left questioning: Why is the Sensex falling today, and what can be anticipated in the near future? The stock market today witnessed a significant downturn, primarily attributed to several key factors.

Firstly, concerns surrounding delays in US rate cuts have led to apprehensions among investors, particularly impacting information technology stocks. This apprehension stems from the potential implications of delayed rate cuts on global economic conditions, thereby influencing market sentiment.

Additionally, the Indian indexes experienced a notable decline, with smallcap and midcap stocks also bearing the brunt of the downturn. The dissemination of stress test results of mutual funds further exacerbated market unease, contributing to the overall negative sentiment prevailing in the stock market today.

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It's noteworthy that this week has proven particularly challenging for investors, with benchmarks registering losses of approximately 2%. This downturn signifies the worst week for the market since the culmination of October, marking a period of heightened volatility and uncertainty in the financial landscape.

As investors navigate these turbulent waters, it remains imperative to closely monitor market developments and maintain a vigilant approach to investment decisions. The coming days will likely witness continued market fluctuations, influenced by both domestic and global factors. Consequently, investors are advised to exercise caution and adopt a diversified investment strategy to mitigate risks amidst the prevailing market uncertainty.

Stock market today: By the numbers

The smallcap index has dipped approximately one percent, while the midcap index has experienced a more significant decline of over 1.40 percent. Concurrently, the Nifty 50 index has dropped by about 200 points, and the BSE Sensex has seen a considerable fall of 550 points. Moreover, the Bank Nifty index has corrected by around 0.85 percent, equivalent to roughly 400 points.

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Stock market today: Reasons for decline

1. Sharp Selling Pressure: The stock market's downturn may be attributed to intense selling activity across the board. Notably, the smallcap and midcap indexes are facing significant selling pressure, possibly due to stress test triggers.

2. Global Sentiment: The decline in the stock market coincides with a period of weak global sentiment, prompted by disappointing US Producer Price Index (PPI) data. This has led to a sell-off in the US stock market, exerting downward pressure on global markets.

3. US Fed Meeting on Rate Cuts: Market uncertainty prevails following US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's testimony before the US Congress. Expectations of an imminent rate cut have been tempered by Powell's remarks, adding to uncertainty surrounding future monetary policy decisions.

4. FIIs' Selling Activity: Heavy selling in the cash segment by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) has further exacerbated the market downturn. On Wednesday, FIIs offloaded Indian shares worth Rs 4,595 crore in the cash segment. This trend continued on Thursday, with FIIs selling stocks valued at Rs 1,356 crore.

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