Internet awareness: Ayushmann Khurrana advocates for safe digital space

Ayushmann Khurrana shared prevention tips to refrain from being an online troll/bully and shared his view on how parents should deal with children in the digital age

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Internet awareness: Taking a step forward in advocacy for creating a safe digital space for everybody, actor Ayushmann Khurrana  said, “The internet is a powerful tool, and we need to ensure that children can make the best use of it. They can use the internet to learn about the world, discover new hobbies, advance their skills, explore job opportunities, and harness its potential safely and securely."  


Emphasising on the rise of social media which led to increase in online trolling, Ayushmann Khurrana explained that rise in usage of social media adversely affects mental health and self-esteem on children. 

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Indian actor and singer further added the prevention tips to refrain from being an online troll/bully which are as follows: 

  • It is important that we educate and sensitize our children on ways to maintain online hygiene
  • He also lays emphasis that purpose of parents should not only to protect children from trolling and bullying but to also refrain from being an online troll/bully
  • It is of utmost importance to ensure that our children are empowered enough to approach their trusted adult whether it's a parent, family member, or teacher if they are being trolled online. 


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Ayushmann also shared his views on how parents should deal with children in the digital age

Children are increasingly engaging with the internet from a young age, influencing various aspects of their lives, including education, friendships, and entertainment. As adults, it's crucial to establish trust with our children—a mutual bond where they feel comfortable turning to us for support, and we trust them when they seek help. Patience, trust, and intentionality are essential as we navigate these issues. If necessary, we should be open to seeking professional assistance for our children without worrying about societal stigma.

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On the professional front, Ayushmann is excited about his next slate of films, which will be released this year.


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