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Divyanka Tripathi, Vivek Dahiya robbed of all belongings in Florence; seek urgent help

Couple urge Indian Embassy to provide temporary passports and substantial help to get back to India

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Divyanka Tripathi, Vivek Dahiya robbed of all belongings in Florence; seek urgent help

Divyanka Tripathi, Vivek Dahiya robbed of all belongings in Florence; seek urgent help

PTC Web Desk:  Popular television stars Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya, known for their roles in Indian soap operas, were enjoying a romantic European getaway to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary when disaster struck. The couple, who have been sharing stunning photos and videos of their trip on social media, fell victim to a theft in Florence, Italy. Their belongings, valued at approximately Rs 10 lakh, including their passports, wallets, and all their shopping, were stolen from their parked car.

A Joyful Trip Turned Sour

The trip had been an incredible experience for the couple until this unfortunate incident. As per Vivek Dahiya, the couple had just arrived in Florence and were eager to explore the beautiful city. They planned to stay for a day and decided to check out a property they liked for their stay. They left all their belongings in their car, parked outside the property. However, when they returned, they were shocked to find that their car had been broken into and their belongings stolen.

“Everything about this trip has been incredible, except for this incident. We arrived in Florence yesterday and planned to stay for a day. We went to check out a property we liked for our stay and left all our belongings in a car parked outside. However, when we returned to get our stuff, we were shocked to find that the car had been broken into, and our passports, wallets, money, shopping, and all our valuable items were gone. Fortunately, they left behind some old clothes and food items,” Vivek said.

Couple Seek Help 

The couple has been left in a state of distress. They reached out to the local police in Florence, hoping for assistance in recovering their stolen items. Unfortunately, their case was dismissed due to the lack of CCTV cameras in the area where the theft occurred. The local authorities informed them that without surveillance footage, there was little they could do to help.

Desperate for assistance, Divyanka and Vivek also tried to contact the Indian Embassy. However, they encountered another obstacle as the embassy had already closed for the day. Stranded in a small town near Florence, the couple found themselves without cash and in urgent need of help.

It is learnt the hotel staff where the couple is staying has been supportive, offering whatever help they can. However, the couple is in a dire situation and needs substantial assistance to return to India. Vivek stressed the urgency of their situation, calling for immediate help from the embassy.

“We require temporary passports and substantial help from the embassy to get back to India, as we have nothing with us,” he added.

Celebrity Support 

As news of their plight spreads, fans and fellow celebrities have expressed their sympathy and support for Divyanka and Vivek. The couple’s social media accounts have been flooded with messages of concern and encouragement. 

- With inputs from agencies

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