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Kangana Ranaut supports Raveena Tandon following attack, calls situation "absolutely alarming"

In defense of Raveena Tandon, Kangana Ranaut declared that the offending parties "must not get away with such violent and poisonous behaviour."

Written by  Annesha Barua -- June 03rd 2024 10:48 AM
Kangana Ranaut supports Raveena Tandon following attack, calls situation

Kangana Ranaut supports Raveena Tandon following attack, calls situation "absolutely alarming"

PTC News Desk: A day after Raveena Tandon was beaten on a Mumbai street, Kangana Ranaut offered her support. On Monday, Kangana described the encounter as "absolutely alarming" on her Instagram Stories. She stated that "those people must be reprimanded" and denounced the "road rage outbursts".

Kangana's message following the Raveena incident

"What happened to Raveena Tandon ji is absolutely alarming; we condemn such road rage outbursts; those people must be reprimanded." wrote Kangana Ranaut. "Had there been five or six more people in the opposite group, she would have been lynched." They cannot continue to act in such a violent and toxic manner."

What the Mumbai Police stated about it

According to a Mumbai Police official quoted by news agency PTI, over the course of their investigation, police discovered that Raveena's automobile had not collided with anyone. A man had stated that his mother had been struck by Raveena's car in a social media video.

He went on to say that Raveena began abusing her when she was questioned. In addition, he stated that the incident occurred as he was strolling close to the actor's residence with his mother, sister, and niece.

The police claimed that CCTV footage from the area around the building where the event happened revealed that women were near the actor's car but were not struck. A group could be seen in the video accusing Raveena and her driver of abusing three ladies.

What transpired in Bandra with Raveena

According to police, the incident happened on Bandra's Carter Road on Saturday night. The official stated that a station diary entry has been made at the Khar police station, despite the fact that no formal complaint has been filed. 

He added that Raveena was assaulted and hit after exiting her car to address the assembly. According to the man in the video, the actress attacked the woman after getting out of the car because she was intoxicated.

Following the event, Raveena and her driver were challenged by a group of people inside a Carter Road building. According to the official, the driver's automobile was reversed when the event occurred. In the widely shared video, a woman claims that Raveena and her driver physically abused her, causing her nose to bleed.

The official stated that following the altercation, both parties went to the Khar police station and gave written declarations in which they claimed to have no complaints against one another.

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