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Sharmila Tagore criticises Kareena Kapoor's Crew as 'absurd beyond belief'

Speaking about daughter-in-law Kareena Kapoor's most recent film, Crew, which also starred Tabu and Kriti Sanon, was Sharmila Tagore.

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Sharmila Tagore criticises Kareena Kapoor's Crew as 'absurd beyond belief'

Sharmila Tagore criticises Kareena Kapoor's Crew as 'absurd beyond belief'

PTC News Desk: The earlier this year box office triumph of the Kareena Kapoor film Crew was contrived. In a recent discussion on the YouTube channel Dil Se Kapil Sibal, Kareena's mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore expressed her thoughts about the movie, calling it "absurd" in its plot but praising the friendship between the three leads—Kareena, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon.

What Sharmila said about Crew

Sharmila brought up Crew during the discussion on the advancements in recent movies and how women are portrayed on screen. She added, "It is absurd, of course, beyond belief but there are three women pulling off this adventure." One is breaking a safe, the other is landing an aircraft. undertaking a variety of activities together, and the three of them have great camaraderie since, contrary to popular belief, women are not typically each other's biggest enemies.

Kareena went on to say that Crew was a commercial triumph in addition to being enjoyable. She went on to say that the movie's popularity will undoubtedly provide room for better movies and parts for actresses who identify as women. "Crew has performed admirably. It has performed exceptionally well at the box office and features three women doing all kinds of amazing things. That will inspire many directors to create movies with a strong female lead," she continued.

More information

The heist comedy, which was directed by Rajesh A Krishnan, hit theaters on March 29. The plot of Crew centers on the journey of three devoted ladies against the backdrop of the aviation sector. The air hostesses that Kareena, Tabu, and Kriti portrayed are struggling to make ends meet because their employer has not paid them.

When they learn that a deceased passenger was hiding gold biscuits under his shirt, their lives take a drastic change. The movie was produced by Anil Kapoor Film & Communications Network and Balaji Telefilms. In India, it made over Rs 100 crore at the box office.

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