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Written by  Rabindra Narayan -- August 29th 2017 06:46 PM -- Updated: August 29th 2017 09:39 PM


Life will limp back to normal in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi today. The Dera Chief is finally confined to make his "Dera" behind bars. The Corporates will start boldly driving their cars to their offices. The hawkers will look to earn their daily bread. News channels will start blaring from top all the sinister doings of the BALAATKARI BABA. Ironically, these same channels were busy bowing down at the doors of the Dera for the ads and promos of MSG products and films. Same channels were dying to have the Baba visit their studios and give them oh-so-exclusive bytes to boost their TRPs. Politicians will heave a sigh of relief - they don't have to bow down in front of someone having more sway over votes than them. There is such a huge sense of relief and sense of accomplishment all over as if the Baba was the main villain and the Society as a whole has achieved collective victory!! But, is Baba the real culprit? Or are all of us? We, who constantly seek blessings of God and godmen to live our lives. We, who are blinded with misplaced faith. When will we learn to have faith in ourselves, in other people? When will we believe that God is not up there and away and hidden? When will we believe that these godmen are just businessmen, nay conmen? When will we learn that all the education we receive from big colleges and universities is of no use until we keep believing what our parents mis-educated us all our lives - that we need some God or godmen to guide us in life. Why is it so difficult for us to do the right thing on our own? Why is it so difficult for us to understand that so-called GOD is not outside of us. They said God is "O" and that's perhaps why we took out the "O" from GOOD and imagined something devoid of doing GOOD to be the GOD while still believing we are doing GOOD. The INSAA has become HINSAA. Wake up before it is too late. Wake up before godmen kill every inch of GOOD SENSE from us and lead us inside a dark cave of nothingness. Get real EDUCATION and WISDOM and teach others the path of righteousness. Otherwise we will be condemned to the world described by Charan Das Sidhu: DUNIYA DEKH TU APNI RABBA, DUKH SATAYI BHUKH SATAYI. THURH DA BINIYA HAR KOI BANDA. IK DUJE DI KHON KAMAYI. (Look at your World, O Lord. It suffers from pain and hunger. Each person is entangled in scarcity....Robbing each other of their earnings). RABB BHAALAN MAIN APNE ANDAR - I will find God inside myself!!................ > RABINDRA NARAYAN The writer is Director & President, PTC Network and former Editor of The Weekly SUN

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