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International Labour Day 2024: Date, history, significance and celebrations

International Labour Day holds significant historical and contemporary importance

Written by  Shefali Kohli -- April 30th 2024 04:11 PM -- Updated: May 01st 2024 09:57 AM
International Labour Day 2024: Date, history, significance and celebrations

International Labour Day 2024: Date, history, significance and celebrations

International Labour Day 2024: Every year, on the first day of the month of May, i.e., May 1, 'International Labour Day' is celebrated to celebrate labourers and the working classes. The day is dedicated to the labourers and workers.

Labour Day happens to be a public holiday in many countries, and is also celebrated as May Day in many European countries. In India, Labour Day is known by the name Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas or Kamgar Din.

It all began with the rise in industrialization, when the industrialists exploited the labour class and they had to work for up to 15 hours a day.

International Labour Day : Date 

Every year, May 1 is observed as International Labour Day. This year, International Labour Day falls on Wednesday.

International Labour Day : History 

The origins of International Labour Day can be traced back to the late 19th century when labor movements in various countries, including the United States and Europe, campaigned for an eight-hour workday. One of the significant events leading to the establishment of May Day was the Haymarket affair in Chicago in 1886, where labor demonstrations turned violent, resulting in casualties and arrests of workers.

The first Labour day or May Day was celebrated in India in the year 1923. It was the Labour Kisan Party who had organised the May Day celebrations in Chennai (then Madras).

International Labour Day : Significance 

International Labour Day  holds significant historical and contemporary importance. It commemorates the achievements of the labor movement and honors the contributions of workers worldwide. Originating from the struggle for an eight-hour workday in the late 19th century, the day symbolizes the ongoing fight for labor rights, fair wages, and safe working conditions. It serves as a reminder of the solidarity among workers and the collective power they hold in advocating for their rights. 

International Labour Day : Celebrations

On this day, various events, rallies, and parades are organized globally to honor the labor force's significance. Workers' unions, organizations, and governments come together to recognize the vital role workers play in society and reaffirm their commitment to upholding labor rights. International Labour Day also highlights ongoing challenges faced by workers, including income inequality, job insecurity, and discrimination, urging collective action to address these issues. It's a day to celebrate the resilience, unity, and solidarity of the global workforce in striving for dignity and justice in the workplace.

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