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26-year-old earns Rs 3.8 crore annually working just 20 minutes a day | Know his story

Residing at home, a 26-year-old transformed their candle-making hobby on Etsy into a thriving enterprise, accumulating an impressive $462,000 in revenue within just one year.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- April 18th 2024 01:57 PM
26-year-old earns Rs 3.8 crore annually working just 20 minutes a day | Know his story

26-year-old earns Rs 3.8 crore annually working just 20 minutes a day | Know his story

PTC News Desk: Francisco Rivera, a 26-year-old resident of Orlando, has turned his passion for organic candles into a lucrative business venture, generating an impressive $462,000 in sales within a year through his Etsy shop. Despite not being personally passionate about candles, Rivera's focus on creative labels and high-quality, organic products has resonated strongly with customers.

Rivera, previously employed part-time as an online tutor, sought alternative income sources in February 2023 due to a decline in demand for his tutoring services. Inspired by a YouTube video on print-on-demand (POD) side hustles, he recognised the potential to create designs, list them online, and outsource production and fulfillment. Leveraging tools like Canva for design and Printify for POD services, Rivera has established a thriving online business model.

Last year, Rivera's Etsy shop generated approximately $462,000 in sales, with profits ranging between 30 per cent to 50 per cent of each sale after accounting for expenses such as Etsy fees and marketing costs. Despite his success, Rivera emphasises the minimal time investment required for his business, often working only 20 minutes a day on research and design, while dedicating the rest of his time to his music career.

Reflecting on his journey, Rivera states, "I'm making more than I ever have, doing less than I ever have." He believes that his business model is replicable, emphasising the low-risk nature of print-on-demand and encouraging others to leverage their existing consistency and work ethic.

Rivera chose candles as his niche within the print-on-demand market due to its potential for growth and popularity as gift items on Etsy. However, he acknowledges the challenge of dealing with copycats who replicate his designs and phrases, highlighting it as a significant downside of his side hustle.

Despite these challenges, Rivera's success serves as a testament to the opportunities available in the print-on-demand business model, demonstrating that with creativity and dedication, substantial income can be generated with minimal time investment.

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