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Ayodhya Ram Temple roof leaks amid heavy rain, lack of drainage, says priest

The main priest of the recently built Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Acharya Satyendra Das, stated that following the first significant downpour since it was inaugurated, the roof began to leak.

Reported by:  PTC News Desk  Edited by:  Annesha Barua -- June 25th 2024 01:54 PM -- Updated: June 25th 2024 01:56 PM
Ayodhya Ram Temple roof leaks amid heavy rain, lack of drainage, says priest

Ayodhya Ram Temple roof leaks amid heavy rain, lack of drainage, says priest

PTC News Desk: Following the first significant downpour since the temple's opening to the public, water was seen seeping from the ceiling of the sanctum sanctorum at the Ram temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, chief priest Acharya Satyendra Das reported on Monday.

Das called for the temple administrators to take the appropriate corrective action, claiming that the construction of the temple was done carelessly and that there was no plan in place for the drainage of rainwater from the temple grounds following the Saturday nighttime showers.

Temple trust sources stated that Nripendra Mishra, the chairman of the temple construction committee, visited the temple after senior officials were notified about the water leakage event. He then gave the go-ahead to fix the roof and make it waterproof.

In a separate interview with reporters regarding the status of the temple's building, Mishra stated that the first floor's work was underway and would be finished by July of this year. He also expressed optimism that the temple's construction would be finished by December.

Reporters were informed by Acharya Satyendra Das that during the initial intense downpour on Saturday at midnight, there was significant leakage from the ceiling of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. According to him, there was a leak from the ceiling right above the location where people gather for VIP darshan and where the priest sits in front of Ram Lalla's idol.

The Ram temple is being built by engineers from all throughout the nation, which is quite amazing. On January 22, the temple held its grand opening. But nobody was aware that the roof might leak in the event of rain. It is unexpected that a well-known temple's roof is leaking. "Why did this occur?"

"Such an incident is happening in the presence of such big engineers, which is very wrong," he stated. In the meantime, the Rampath road and the nearby laneshere saw significant waterlogging due to Saturday night's rains. Some sections of the Rampath road and other recently built roadways in Ayodhya collapsed, allowing sewer water to infiltrate into nearby buildings.

Locals said that there was waterlogging from Tedhi Bazaar to the interior sections and from Jalwanpura to Hanumangarhi Bhaktipath.

Mayor of Ayodhya Girish Pati Tripathi responded, saying, "I have started damage control since morning," in response to sewage water getting into houses in the Rampath lanes during the rain. To remove water from the homes, I have sent out many teams from the municipality."

Nevertheless, attempts to get in touch with senior Public Works Department (PWD) officials did not succeed.

Concurrently, the Congress charged the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of engaging in corrupt practises during the development of civic infrastructure and temples within the temple town.

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"The BJP has used everything from the martyrs' coffins to the God-honored temple as a platform for corruption. According to Uttar Pradesh Congress chairman Ajay Rai, "even the symbols of faith and purity in the country are just opportunities of loot for them," in a statement released on Monday.

"It has become clear from the statement of chief priest Satyendra Das that water is leaking in the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram temple built at a cost of crores due to the first rain and there is no proper drainage system," he stated.

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According to Rai, "Not only this, the mask of the BJP, which was beating the drum of development of Ayodhya, has come off with the road collapsing at many places on the Rampath built at a cost of Rs 624 crore."

The BJP, he claimed, has turned Ayodhya into a "hub of corruption by getting second-rate construction done in a hurry only to gain electoral benefits".

"The BJP has only done injustice to the people there by not giving them proper compensation," he said.

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