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Border police seize over 100 Kg of gold in Ladakh, arrest two

The gold was reportedly found near Sirigaple, one kilometer from the international border, according to the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP).

Reported by:  PTC News Desk  Edited by:  Annesha Barua -- July 10th 2024 06:40 PM
Border police seize over 100 Kg of gold in Ladakh, arrest two

Border police seize over 100 Kg of gold in Ladakh, arrest two

PTC News Desk: The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) made a noteworthy arrest near the China-India border in Eastern Ladakh, seizing 108 gold bars weighing a combined 108.060 kg.

On July 9, while conducting a Long Range Patrolling operation in the Southern Sub Sector, which included places like Chismule, Narbula top, Zakle, and Zakla, the seizure was made. The ITBP squad was sent in to monitor border crossings for signs of infiltration and attempted smuggling.

"On 9th July, 2024 at around 01:30/02:00 PM 21st Battalion, ITBP launched a Long Range Patrolling (LRP) in the border areas in Southern Sub Sector in Eastern Ladakh of (in general area Chismule, Narbula top, Zakle and Zakla) to check infiltration as well smuggling as this is summer and activities are heightened around this season also some inputs of smuggling was received in the area near Sirigaple, Ladakh," stated the ITBP.

During a Long Range Patrol in Eastern Ladakh on 09-07-24, a group from the 21 BN commanded by DC Sh. Deepak Bhatt found 108 gold biscuits (108 kg) close to Sirigaple. Two persons were taken into custody. Other agencies are conducting continuing investigations.

— ITBP, or the official ITBP 10 July 2024

The ITBP said that on July 9, at around 13:20, its patrolling team encountered two suspicious individuals with mules when they arrived in the Sirigaple region, which is located one kilometer from the International Border.

As the suspicions, the patrol group pursued the two individuals and brought them to a camping spot. At first, they claimed to be gathering therapeutic herbs, but a patrol crew later discovered enormous amounts of gold and other goods. The seized objects and individuals were taken into custody by the patrol party, as reported by the ITBP.

The two Indian nationals who were taken into custody are Tenzin Targy, 40, and Tsering Chamba, 69. The confiscated gold bars and the detained people have been turned over to the customs officials for additional examination.

The Intelligence Bureau, Customs, ITBP, and Civil Police will all question the suspects jointly. The suspects and the seizure have been turned over to customs department agents for additional interrogation and necessary legal action. According to the ITBP, increased monitoring has been implemented along the border to stop such illicit activity.

Along with the gold bars, other goods taken from the arrested accused's possession included two mobile phones, one binocular, and some Chinese food items (one package each of fragrant cake and Lao Beijing), two milk canes, two milk lassi, two knives, two ponytails, one torch-wonder, one hammer, and one nose piercer.

The noteworthy confiscation underscores the dedication of the ITBP to safeguarding India's boundaries and impeding attempts at smuggling. To find out where the stolen gold came from and where it was supposed to go, an investigation is still underway.

Higher headquarters has been notified of the situation, and in cooperation with sister organizations, additional research and action are underway.

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- With inputs from agencies

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