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Chennai: Owner of two Rottweilers arrested after attack on 5-year-old in a park

Recently the Police have registered a case of negligence and arrested the owner of the dogs

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 06th 2024 03:18 PM
Chennai: Owner of two Rottweilers arrested after attack on 5-year-old in a park

Chennai: Owner of two Rottweilers arrested after attack on 5-year-old in a park

PTC News Desk: A chilling incident unfolded in Chennai as two Rottweiler dogs viciously attacked a five-year-old girl in a local park, reigniting discussions around the ownership of aggressive dog breeds as pets.

The owner of the dogs has been apprehended by authorities, with negligence charges filed against them. Additionally, two individuals responsible for caring for the dogs have also been implicated in the case.

The distressing event occurred within the confines of a public park situated in Chennai's Thousand Lights area. Allegedly, the owner had unleashed the dogs, leading to the unprovoked assault on the child. Shockingly, it's reported that the owner remained passive during the attack, only taking action when the girl's parents intervened and raised an alarm. Significantly, the girl's father is employed as a security guard at the park, further highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Senior police officer Shekhar Deshmukh confirmed the arrest of the owner and stated that legal proceedings have been initiated against the two individuals tasked with the dogs' care. Critical evidence, including CCTV footage capturing the two Rottweilers, has been secured to aid in the investigation.

The young victim, identified as Sudaksha, is currently undergoing medical treatment at a private hospital for her severe injuries. Shockingly, it has been revealed that the owner had failed to sterilise the Rottweilers, potentially contributing to the severity of the incident.

This tragic occurrence has reignited debates regarding the suitability of maintaining aggressive dog breeds as household pets, particularly within residential communities. In response to rising concerns, the Central Government previously urged states to enforce bans on the sale and breeding of 23 ferocious dog breeds, including Pitbull Terriers, American Bulldogs, Rottweilers, and Mastiffs. Moreover, pet owners possessing these breeds were mandated to expedite the sterilisation process.

Citing inputs from citizen forums and Animal Welfare Organizations, the Animal Husbandry Department reiterated the need to address the risks associated with certain dog breeds and advocated for stricter regulations on pet ownership.

As communities grapple with the aftermath of this harrowing incident, discussions on responsible pet ownership and public safety continue to take precedence.

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