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Delhi's Nightmare: Massive power outage amid heatwave and water crisis

Electricity went out in numerous sections of Delhi when a power grid in UP's Mandola - which supplies 1,500 megawatts of electricity to the city - caught fire, Delhi minister Atishi said.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- June 11th 2024 04:52 PM -- Updated: June 11th 2024 04:55 PM
Delhi's Nightmare: Massive power outage amid heatwave and water crisis

Delhi's Nightmare: Massive power outage amid heatwave and water crisis

PTC News Desk New Delhi: This afternoon has been even more devastating for Delhi, which is already coping with the combined effects of an unparalleled heatwave and a serious water shortage. A power grid in Uttar Pradesh's Mandola, which provides 1,500 megawatts of electricity to the nation's capital, caught fire, causing power outages in a number of areas of the city, according to Delhi Power Minister Atishi.

This afternoon, the city's temperature was roughly 42 degrees Celsius.

Since 2:11 PM today, there has been a significant power outage in numerous areas of Delhi. Delhi receives 1,500 MW of electricity from a power grid in Mandola, Uttar Pradesh, but it has caught fire. We're connecting it to the rest of our power supplies," Atishi stated.

"I will seek an appointment with the new Union Power Minister today since the country's power transmission is run by the central government," she stated.

The head of the Aam Aadmi Party criticised the Centre for the error, stating, "It is concerning that the electrical infrastructure at the national level has stopped working today. It is concerning that the national grid in the nation's capital has failed. Even when Delhi's peak electricity demand hit 8,000 MW, there was no blackout. The nationwide infrastructure's breakdown was the cause of this power outage."

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Long-running disputes over various difficulties besetting the nation's capital have pitted the AAP against VK Saxena, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi appointed by the Center, most recently over the severe water crisis. In order to avoid playing the blame game with Haryana, which the AAP accuses of withholding Delhi's fair share of water, Mr. Saxena spoke with AAP ministers regarding the situation.

Social media users expressed their complaints and wrote about the outage.

"Vivek Vihar in east Delhi is without electricity. Please find a solution to the problem. The best of this season is already upon us. Hard to bear," wrote one, naming BSES, the electrical authority in Delhi.

"Dear Bses, the Yamuna Vihar C2 block will be without electricity for two hours. Delhi is the place. Do not exact revenge on us, please. Why is there no electricity for two hours?" wrote another with Arvind Kejriwal, AAP, and BSES as tags.

For almost a month now, Delhi has been experiencing an extreme and unheard-of heatwave, with some days seeing highs of above 50 degrees Celsius. The India Meteorological Department has projected that scorching conditions will prevail in most sections of the city.

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