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Hyderabad: Mob harasses interfaith couple, 4 arrested

Written by  Shefali Kohli -- March 30th 2024 05:31 PM
Hyderabad: Mob harasses interfaith couple, 4 arrested

Hyderabad: Mob harasses interfaith couple, 4 arrested

Hyderabad: In a tragic, horrific and spine-chilling incident, an interfaith couple faced harassment and physical assault in Hyderabad. 

The video the dreadful incident is also circulating on the social media. 

Launching a swift action into the case, the Charminar Police launched an investigation in response to the video and subsequently arrested four individuals involved in the incident. 

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In the video, a group of Muslim men confront a man accompanied by a woman wearing a burqa and carrying a baby. They allegedly targeted the man, assuming him to be Hindu, and expressed disapproval of his presence in Charminar with a Muslim woman. 

The assailants demanded proof of the man's religious identity, insisting on seeing his Aadhaar card. Despite the woman's pleas, the victim continued to endure harassment.

Meanwhile, the police also initiated a suo motu case and quickly assembled special teams to apprehend the suspects. By the following day, four individuals had been arrested. The accused were found in possession of mobile phones containing the viral video footage, which was seized as evidence for the investigation.

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Charminar ACP P Chandrasekha said, “Four persons physically abused the couple. The woman had a baby with her. The accused tried to harm the baby as well." "The accused have been arrested and will be produced in court." 

(With inputs from agencies)



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