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Meet India's latest billionaire Renuka Jagtiani, whose net worth will amaze you!

Written by  Jasleen Kaur -- April 03rd 2024 06:13 PM
Meet India's latest billionaire Renuka Jagtiani, whose net worth will amaze you!

Meet India's latest billionaire Renuka Jagtiani, whose net worth will amaze you!

PTC Web Desk: India is experiencing a remarkable surge in wealth, as revealed by the latest report from Forbes, which identifies 25 new billionaires joining the ranks of the world's wealthiest individuals. Among these notable additions is Renuka Jagtiani, the esteemed chief executive officer of Landmark Group, boasting a substantial net worth of $4.8 billion.

About Renuka Jagtiani

Renuka Jagtiani holds the distinguished position of chairwoman and CEO at Landmark Group, a multinational consumer conglomerate headquartered in Dubai. Established by her late husband, Micky Jagtiani, who passed away in May 2023, Landmark Group has flourished under her adept leadership, currently employing over 50,000 persons across various sectors.

Having pursued her Bachelor's degree in Arts from the esteemed University of Mumbai, Renuka Jagtiani laid the foundation for her illustrious career with a strong academic background.

Throughout her distinguished career, Renuka Jagtiani has garnered numerous accolades and awards for her exemplary contributions to the business world. Notable recognitions include the Outstanding Asian Business Woman of the Year award in January 2007 at the Asian Business Awards Middle East, followed by the prestigious title of Businesswoman of the Year at the Gulf Business Industry Awards in January 2012. She was further honoured as Entrepreneur of the World Year by the World Entrepreneurship Forum in January 2014 and recognized as the Strategic Leader of the Year at the Indian CEO Awards in January 2015. Her accomplishments continued to be celebrated with the Captain of the Industry Award from the Stars of Business Award in January 2016, culminating in her induction into the esteemed 'Hall of Fame' at the World Retail Congress in January 2017.

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Professional Journey

Renuka Jagtiani's tenure at Landmark Group commenced in 1993, and since then, she has been instrumental in shaping the organisation's corporate strategy, propelling it to become the region's largest retailer channeling homegrown brands across the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Renuka Jagtiani is a devoted mother to three children - Aarti, Nisha, and Rahul - who actively serve as group directors at Landmark, contributing to the Group's continued success and legacy.

Forbes' New Billionaires Report

Forbes' latest report on new billionaires for the year 2024 reflects a global trend of burgeoning wealth, with a staggering 2,781 billionaires identified worldwide, collectively amassing a wealth valuation of $14.2 trillion. The report underscores a substantial increase in billionaire additions compared to the previous year, with 265 new billionaires emerging, signifying robust economic growth and wealth creation on a global scale.




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