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Indians mistakenly target Mauritius instead of Maldives in online uproar

Written by  Jasleen Kaur -- February 21st 2024 04:37 PM
Indians mistakenly target Mauritius instead of Maldives in online uproar

Indians mistakenly target Mauritius instead of Maldives in online uproar

PTC Web Desk: In a recent social media uproar, an outraged Indian expressed dissatisfaction, stating, "Not interested if you disrespect us and our PM." This comment was in response to another remark about finding a better option in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep. Subsequently, a call to "Boycott the Maldives" emerged on the same post, but with a twist — the post was promoting Mauritius, not the Maldives.

The confusion unfolded on a post from 'Mauritius Tourism (India),' inviting Indians to explore the island's beauty. The post, promoting exciting adventures and experiences in 2024, received unexpected backlash as some Indians mistakenly associated it with the Maldives. Mauritius, known for its close ties with India, became an unwitting victim of social media mix-up.

The reactions escalated, with comments like "BoycottMaldives" trending on various platforms, stemming from a broader online dispute between India and the Maldives. The controversy began when Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared images from his Lakshadweep visit, triggering speculations about the Maldivian government's alignment with China. The 'India-out' campaign of Mohamed Muizzu's government, which came to power in September 2023, added fuel to the diplomatic standoff.


Maldivian lawmakers, including Deputy Minister Mariyam Shiuna and MP Zahid Rameez, made derogatory comments against PM Modi and India. This led to Indian outrage, resulting in calls to boycott the Maldives.

However, in their anger, some Indians confused Mauritius with the Maldives, directing negative sentiments towards the former. The Mauritius Tourism (India) account stepped in, clarifying the mistake and highlighting the distinction between the two islands.

Despite the timely clarification, the online reactions persisted, with comments reflecting continued frustration towards both the Maldives and Mauritius. The confusion lasted from January 11 to January 28, with the post still active.

'Mauritius Tourism (India)' is operated by the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), responsible for promoting Mauritius as a tourist destination. While requests for comments from the Mauritian government are pending, it is evident that Mauritius attempted to capitalise on the Maldives' controversy by promoting itself as an alternative destination.

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