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Modi takes a jibe at Rahul Gandhi: Claims Pakistan desires leadership role for 'shehzada'

During his visit to Anand, Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi didn't hold back, accusing the Congress of being a "mureed" (follower) of Pakistan.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 02nd 2024 12:56 PM
Modi takes a jibe at Rahul Gandhi: Claims Pakistan desires leadership role for 'shehzada'

Modi takes a jibe at Rahul Gandhi: Claims Pakistan desires leadership role for 'shehzada'

PTC News Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi didn't hold back in his recent address at an election rally in Gujarat's Anand. Taking a sharp jab at Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party, Modi seized upon recent comments made by former Pakistani minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, who expressed admiration for Gandhi and hinted at Pakistani leaders' desire to see him as India's prime minister.

In his characteristic style, Modi quipped, "Congress is dying here and Pakistanis are crying… Pakistani leaders want to make 'shehzada' of Congress India's prime minister." This remark not only underscored the alleged weakening of the Congress party in India but also insinuated a dubious nexus between the party and Pakistan, portraying Congress as a "follower" or "mureed" of the neighbouring nation.

Modi didn't stop there. He drew attention to what he perceived as a troubling alliance between the Congress and Pakistan, highlighting what he called a partnership that is now "completely exposed." This narrative aimed to paint the Congress party in a negative light, suggesting that its interests align more with Pakistan than with India's.

Further driving his point home, Modi touched upon significant political and constitutional developments, particularly in the context of Kashmir. He highlighted the revocation of Article 370, symbolising it as a dismantling of barriers that hindered the application of the Indian Constitution uniformly across the nation. This narrative sought to portray the BJP government's actions as bold and transformative, contrasting it with the perceived inertia of previous Congress administrations.

Modi didn't shy away from boasting about his government's achievements either. He touted the progress made under his leadership, emphasising initiatives such as providing tap water connections to millions of households across India. By drawing a sharp contrast between the BJP's achievements and the Congress's track record, Modi aimed to bolster his party's image as a proactive and development-oriented force.

Finally, Modi reiterated his commitment to realising a vision for India's future, pledging to work tirelessly towards making India a developed nation by 2047. This forward-looking rhetoric aimed to inspire confidence among voters while positioning Modi as a visionary leader with a clear roadmap for national progress.

In sum, Modi's address in Gujarat's Anand was not just a political rally; it was a strategic move aimed at consolidating support for the BJP while simultaneously undermining the Congress party and reinforcing Modi's own leadership credentials.

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