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New twist in Karnataka scandal; woman alleges coercion to file false case

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 10th 2024 12:40 PM -- Updated: May 16th 2024 01:08 PM
New twist in Karnataka scandal; woman alleges coercion to file false case

New twist in Karnataka scandal; woman alleges coercion to file false case

PTC News Desk: On Thursday the National Commission for Ladies (NCW) uncovered that one of the female complainants in the Karnataka sex video outrage, which includes JD-S MP Prajwal Revanna, has expressed that she was coerced into recording a wrong complaint by a gather of individuals posturing as police officers after being undermined with harassment.

Following the NCW's charge, previous chief serve and state president of JD-S HD Kumaraswamy charged the Extraordinary Examination Group (SIT) looking into the issue on Thursday night of debilitating the casualties with prostitution in arrange to get them to give wrong testimonies.

According to the JD-S pioneer, the casualties are being debilitated by the SIT officers with charges of prostitution if they do not yield articulations supporting the Congress government.

"The casualties are being debilitated by the examining specialists as they thump on their entryways. Tell us, is it not genuine that the SIT authorities are debilitating to bring false charges of prostitution against the casualties? Kumaraswamy addressed Income Serve Krishna Byre Gowda, who had some time recently called the sex video outrage the biggest sex outrage in history, "Is this how the test is being conducted?"

"Where have you taken the lady who was spared from seizing?" What anticipates her from showing up some time recently the court? Kumaraswamy addressed Gowda, "Do you back the act of conveyance of private recordings of the victims?"

As the child of JD-S MLA HD Revanna, who has been detained for his suspected association in the capturing of a casualty of his son's sex embarrassment, Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna is the grandson of previous Prime Serve HD Deve Gowda. HD Revanna's more youthful brother is Kumaraswamy.

Kumaraswamy announced that Prajwal Revanna may not be protected and that "everybody ought to regard the law and the blameworthy ought to be rebuffed." HD Deve Gowda is a mother of two young ladies and four children. We each run our possess companies and have families. As it were amid the Get together races had I gone to Hassan.

G. Parameshwara, the domestic serve for Karnataka, backed the SIT examination in the interim, claiming that it is working effectively.

According to him, the state organisation is not required to react to each allegation made by the JD-S. "The SIT is conducting a test and the state government has taken the matter truly," he stated.

I'm incapable to react to everybody. Permit them to make a complaint if they have one against the SIT. The request is in advance, and all the data will be made open as before long as the report is turned in. Activity will be taken against the blameworthy if the casualties were coerced over the recordings, concurring to Parameshwara.

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