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Pune Porsche accident: Teen driver confesses to police of being drunk; mother claims "doctors advised me to…"

During the police interrogation, the teenage driver of a Porsche car in Pune admitted to them that he was intoxicated when the accident occurred and that's why he couldn't recall anything.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- June 02nd 2024 06:32 PM
Pune Porsche accident: Teen driver confesses to police of being drunk; mother claims

Pune Porsche accident: Teen driver confesses to police of being drunk; mother claims "doctors advised me to…"

PTC News Desk: According to reports, the 17-year-old teenager who killed two young IT professionals on May 19 by running over them with his fancy Porsche car confessed to the Pune Police that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision.

According to India Today, which cited police sources, the teenager admitted to the officials that he did not remember every episode in detail when they questioned him.

It was previously stated that the teenager informed the Pune Police that he could not recall anything because he was intoxicated at the time of the accident during the more than hour-long (11:30 am to 12:30 pm) interrogation. He was questioned in front of crime branch officials, including district child protection officer and assistant commissioner of police Sunil Tambe, as well as his mother, who was taken into custody on Saturday.

The young person remained silent during questioning despite attempts to extract information, authorities informed HT.

"Our officials questioned the juvenile about his whereabouts prior to the collision, his attendance at the Blak and Cosie bars, his experience operating the Porsche, the specifics of the collision, evidence tampering, blood sample collection, and medical examinations.

According to a criminal branch official, the child had only one response for each query, stating that he was intoxicated and had no recall of anything. After preliminary investigation, it was discovered that the young man and his companions had drank alcohol at the two bars, resulting in a total tab of Rs 48,000.

The mother of the young driver, who was detained on Saturday on suspicion of giving her own blood sample instead of her son's, told police that the doctors at Sassoon General Hospital had instructed her to do so. This information was reported by The Times of India, which cited Pune Commissioner of Police (CP) Amitesh Kumar.

"The woman's (49) statement has been documented. She informed us that rather than giving her son's blood sample, the hospital's doctors had instructed her to offer their own. She pretended not to understand why the physicians had told her as much, Amitesh Kumar was reported as saying in The Times of India.

In a case involving the destruction of evidence, a Pune court on Sunday put the boy's parents in police prison until June 5.

The two are being investigated for their possible involvement in altering the minor's blood sample after the car accident that killed two IT professionals on May 19 in Pune, Maharashtra.

On June 1, Shivani Agarwal, the mother of the youngster, was taken into custody following the discovery that her blood samples had been substituted for the boy's.

His father, realtor Vishal Agrawal, was detained by the Pune Police after being previously detained in a related incident on suspicion of destroying evidence. The two were presented by the police to a holiday court in Pune, Maharashtra, and their remand was granted till June 5.

The Vishal Agarwal pair plotted and destroyed accident-related evidence, the police told the court.

According to the authorities, they proceeded to a state-run hospital and tampered with the minor's blood samples. Prashant Patil, the couple's attorney, stated that the police had already searched their home and found CCTV footage from their installation.

They have been charged with inducing the disappearance of evidence of a crime (IPC section 201), which carries a bailable offence. Accordingly, Patil stated, they ought to be placed under judicial custody.

Along with the minor's parents, Surendra Agarwal, the minor's grandfather, has also been taken into custody by the police on suspicion of kidnapping the family's driver and pressuring him to accept responsibility for the accident, among other offenses.

Two physicians from the government-run Sassoon General Hospital and a staffer are among the other individuals being held by the police for allegedly exchanging the mino blood samples.

Three distinct cases have been filed by the police in relation to the vehicle accident. Two of the three cases are against the bar that allegedly supplied alcohol and one is related to the accident.

The boy's father has been charged by the police for letting him operate the vehicle without a license. In a third example, the family driver was wrongfully detained and forced to accept responsibility for the collision.

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