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Pune Porsche accident: Teen spends Rs 48,000 at a bar, banned from driving till age 25

According to Maharashtra Transport Commissioner Vivek Bhimanwar, the 17-year-old teenager who killed two IT professionals riding motorcycles in Pune after he crashed his Porsche automobile would not be allowed to obtain a driver's license until he becomes 25.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 22nd 2024 10:13 AM -- Updated: May 22nd 2024 10:18 AM
Pune Porsche accident: Teen spends Rs 48,000 at a bar, banned from driving till age 25

Pune Porsche accident: Teen spends Rs 48,000 at a bar, banned from driving till age 25

PTC News Desk: The 17-year-old lad, who earlier this week in Pune killed two IT workers riding motorcycles with his Porsche automobile, is rumored to have spent Rs 48,000 at a local bar prior to the incident; the police have taken the bill for additional investigation. Vivek Bhimanwar, the transport commissioner for Maharashtra, announced that the teenage driver will not be allowed to obtain a driver's license until he becomes 25.

The young child will appear before a juvenile court in Pune on Wednesday following the filing of a new charge under section 185 for driving while intoxicated.

He had previously been charged with culpable homicide under section 304, but the court released him from custody after just 14 hours on the grounds that he was a kid.

State transportation officials have also stated that the Porsche Taycan's permanent registration has been waiting since March due to the owner's failure to pay a Rs 1,758 fee.

The luxury car involved in the accident on Sunday in Kalyani Nagar, the city, will not be permitted to register at any Regional Transport Office (RTO) for a period of 12 months, according to Bhimanwar, who spoke with the PTI news agency on Tuesday. This is because the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act will cancel the vehicle's current temporary registration.

He added that the car was imported by a dealer in Bengaluru and was sent to Pune on a temporary registration. "When it was produced at the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO), it was found that a certain registration fee was not paid, and the owner was asked to pay the amount for completion of the procedure," he said.

"However, the vehicle was not brought to the RTO for the completion of the registration process after that."

State transportation officials claim that electric vehicles registered in Maharashtra are exempt from road tax. The Porsche Taycan model required registration fees of just Rs 1,758, which included Rs 1,500 for hypothecation, Rs 200 for smart card registration, and Rs 58 for postal services.

The officials said, citing their records, that the car had a valid temporary registration certificate from Karnataka that was valid from March to September 2024 for six months. They added that the dealer from Bengaluru was not at fault because he turned over the car after the temporary registration was completed.

Vehicles may only be driven to and from the RTO while they are subject to the interim registration term.

Bhimanwar informed the PTI news agency that the Pune RTO had been requested to file a police report alleging that certain MV Act regulations had been broken.

A second senior transport department official announced that the Porsche will be detained for a year and that the kid involved in the Pune accident had driven his high-end car at a speed exceeding 160 kmph while purportedly under the influence of alcohol.

The officer also mentioned a number of other infractions, such as operating the car without a license and without registration.

After undergoing medical examinations, Vishal Agarwal, the father of the teenage driver and a real estate developer, who was detained on Tuesday in relation to the collision, will appear in court in Pune today.

The blood report of the teenage driver, who is suspected of drinking alcohol prior to the deadly collision, will also be made public by a state government hospital on Wednesday.

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