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Sikkim landslides: 9 dead, 1,200 tourists rescued as schools shut | Top Updates

In north and south Sikkim, landslides have killed at least nine people since June 13.

Reported by:  PTC News Desk  Edited by:  Annesha Barua -- June 19th 2024 10:41 AM -- Updated: June 19th 2024 03:02 PM
Sikkim landslides: 9 dead, 1,200 tourists rescued as schools shut | Top Updates

Sikkim landslides: 9 dead, 1,200 tourists rescued as schools shut | Top Updates

PTC News Desk: Tuesday, as the rescue efforts in Sikkim proceeded for the second day, 1,225 tourists were evacuated by the state administration from Lachung and the surrounding areas in the Mangan district. Numerous persons lost their lives in these places last week as a result of landslides and intense rain, an official informed news agency PTI.

"We have transported 1,225 tourists to Mangan town by road today after evacuating 1,225 tourists from Lachung and the surrounding areas," Lama stated.

64 tourists were saved by the government on Monday, and they were taken to Mangan, the district center, safely.

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The most recent updates are as follows:

  1. If the weather permits, the few hundred or so visitors who are left will be evacuated on Wednesday.
  2. Additional District Magistrate Vishnu Lama told PTI that six helicopters are prepared for this operation at the Bagdogra airport in West Bengal.
  3. On Wednesday, stranded tourists in North Sikkim were rescued by Indian Army soldiers from the Trishakti Corps in collaboration with local government officials, the army announced.
  4. Where routes are still available, travelers are being evacuated due to the landslides by walking or utilising vehicles. On June 18, 2024, the Indian Army's signalers assisted BSNL and Airtel in restoring mobile coverage while enduring difficult weather and topography. According to an Army statement cited by ANI, "The Indian Army installed more than half a dozen telephone booths since June 12 to facilitate locals and tourists connecting with their relatives."
  5. The visitors who are stranded are being personally supervised by District Magistrate Hem Kumar Chettri. According to PTI, officers from BRO, NDRF, SDRF, local panchayats, volunteers, and other top civil and police authorities are collaborating to save the stranded tourists. The Superintendent of Police (SP), Sonam Detchu Bhutia, is leading the effort.
  6. Due to fears for the safety of the students, the Mangan district administration shuttered all government schools on Tuesday. Property damage and obstructed roadways throughout the district's many clusters prompted the decision to take this action. Government schools in the clusters of Manul, Singhik, Mangan, Mangshilla, Lingdong, Hee Gyathang, Passingdong, Lingzya, Tingvong, and Gor are to stay closed until further notice, per Chettri's directive.
  7. Several places had their roads completely washed out. According to officials, in order to go to the district headquarters at Mangan, the trapped visitors would have to trek to three or four locations and then board vehicles.
  8. At least nine persons have died as a result of landslides in North and South Sikkim since June 13. Along with the surging River Teesta, the landslides destroyed roads and bridges, damaged multiple houses, and interfered with communication and power lines.
  9. Travelling from Mangan, a well-known tourist area, to Gangtok, the rescued people made use of cars given to them by the Motor Vehicle Division of the Transport Department. The ADM claims that after that, they carried on toward their destinations.

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