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Swati Maliwal row: New viral video emerges from Arvind Kejriwal's residence amid Swati Maliwal controversy

Case Study of Swati Maliwal: On Thursday, during her initial public remarks regarding this controversy, Ms. Maliwal posted on X, "The last few days have been very difficult..." and demanded that individuals who are accused of attacking her face consequences.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 17th 2024 04:53 PM
Swati Maliwal row: New viral video emerges from Arvind Kejriwal's residence amid Swati Maliwal controversy

Swati Maliwal row: New viral video emerges from Arvind Kejriwal's residence amid Swati Maliwal controversy

PTC News Desk: AAP leader Swati Maliwal has taken offense at a 52-second mobile phone video that was shared on Friday afternoon. In it, she is heard and seen arguing with security officials who told her to leave the building. Maliwal has accused party boss Arvind Kejriwal's aide, Bibhav Kumar, of assaulting her inside the Chief Minister's home in the city's Civil Lines.

Moreover, Maliwal claimed in a post on X (previously Twitter) that a "political hitman" had ordered "his people" to distribute the disputed video in order to create a narrative that would support the party and "save himself (after) committing this crime." Many took this to be a jab at Kejriwal.

"Just as before, this political hitman has begun attempting to save himself. He believes that by inciting his followers to tweet and play films without any explanation, he may get away with this crime."

"Who records a video of someone getting assaulted? When the CCTV footage of the house and room is examined, the truth will come to light, Maliwal said.

"Go to whatever depth you desire—God is seeing. The truth will come to light eventually." AAP released a news story on the video with the brief caption, "The truth of Swati Maliwal," indicating a breakdown in the party's relationship with Maliwal.

Security Guards: Swati Maliwal vs. Kejriwal Video

Maliwal is seen sitting on a couch in the footage, which starts in the middle of the fight and ends abruptly. The security guards instruct her to get up and leave the area. Ms. Maliwal lashes out in response, saying, "I will not." I'll carry it out. I'll carry it out. I'm going to tell these individuals everything today."

Maliwal interrupts one of the guards, saying, "Yes, you can... that is your headache..." and goes on, "You will let me talk to the DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police)... right now."

The guard replies, "Yes, we will notify the DCP as soon as possible. Please come with us till then."

Then, a defiant Ms. Maliwal threatens to file a complaint with the officers at the Civil Lines Police Station, which is in charge of the neighborhood where Mr. Kejriwal resides. When the guard repeats, "That cannot happen here... you please come with us," Ms. Maliwal responds angrily, "No." This will now take place in this location."

She reiterates, "This will happen here," and she threatens to eat you if you touch her.

The video alternates between the officer and Ms. Maliwal arguing on the ground, but at one point it shows the AAP leader seated on the couch and wearing a pink top.

It then appears that the security guy is stating, "We humbly request that you move."

Now claiming to have called the police in an emergency, Maliwal says, "Let the police come..." and gets into another argument with the guard. She had called the police on the 112 helpline for women in trouble.

Delhi Police stated on Monday that it had received two calls from inside Kejriwal's home. The police department has opened a case against Bibhav Kumar on the basis of a statement given by Maliwal. Although the caller did not provide their identity, the police stated that the phone number belonged to Maliwal.

The video ends with Maliwal, who was not in contact with anyone until late last night when she met with a police team to record her statement, daring the guards to physically expel her.

She appears to curse one of the cops as well, which prompts a reprimand. As the guard replies, "Madam, you cannot speak like this," Maliwal counters, "Just because you have a CCTV camera..."

This marks the end of the video. In response to the video and Maliwal's furious tweet, the AAP has not yet spoken anything.

"What Happened To Me Was Very Bad..."

In her first public statement on the controversy on Thursday, Ms. Maliwal wrote on X, "The last few days have been very difficult," and demanded that those who had allegedly attacked her face consequences.

Along with criticising those who implied that "the other party" was behind her claims and actions, she also took aim at the BJP, which has been criticizing Kejriwal and the AAP harshly before the Delhi election, calling them both "anti-women."

Leading the attack this morning was Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who demanded an apology from the Chief Minister and called Kejriwal "shameless" for his continued association with Bibhav Kumar.

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