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Uttarakhand rescue operation: Late Diwali for kin of 41 rescued workers as emotional reunion and gratitude flow

Emotional rollercoaster of rescue operation culminates in tears of relief and heartfelt gratitude

Written by  Jasleen Kaur -- November 29th 2023 11:40 AM
Uttarakhand rescue operation: Late Diwali for kin of 41 rescued workers as emotional reunion and gratitude flow

Uttarakhand rescue operation: Late Diwali for kin of 41 rescued workers as emotional reunion and gratitude flow

PTC Web Desk: In a heartwarming celebration echoing the spirit of Diwali, families and friends of the 41 workers, rescued from the debris of Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, after a harrowing 17 days, have been overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. For these families, it was a belated Diwali celebration, as the collapse occurred on the day of the festival itself.

Expressing immense relief, Sandeep Kumar, the son of one of the rescued workers, Ram Milan, extended his heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the heroic rescue operation. "We are elated. Relatives have rushed to Uttarakhand to bring my father back. I want to express my gratitude to all who participated in the rescue," Sandeep shared in an emotional conversation with ANI.

Similarly, family members of Santosh Kumar, another rescued worker, conveyed their profound gratitude, particularly to the Central Government, for orchestrating the successful operation. "We spoke to Santosh; he's currently in the hospital. Today, we celebrated Diwali... We're thankful to the government and the rescue teams," expressed Santosh's mother, reflecting the collective relief felt by the families.

Amidst tears of joy, another relative of Santosh recalled the conversation with him, stating, "I am thrilled... He assured us not to worry and promised to return soon. Six individuals from Shravasti were trapped in the tunnel."

The overwhelming sense of happiness and appreciation towards the government was echoed by another relieved relative, who said, "We are ecstatic. We celebrated Diwali. I express my gratitude to the government for safely rescuing our loved ones from the tunnel... Our son assured us of his well-being."

Dhanpati, the mother of Ram Sundar, one of the rescued workers, shared the collective euphoria of the entire village, saying, "We are overjoyed... The entire village celebrated Diwali yesterday evening, marking the success of the rescue operation."

Trapped since November 12, when a section of the tunnel collapsed, these men faced daunting odds, with their only exit blocked by 60 metre of rubble. Their eventual rescue was met with scenes of jubilation, as they emerged draped in orange marigold garlands, greeted warmly by Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and Union Minister VK Singh.

Their journey to safety was fraught with challenges, including setbacks during rescue efforts when equipment failed, forcing rescuers to adopt riskier methods. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, acknowledging their courage and resilience, expressed his admiration, saying, "The success of the rescue operation in Uttarkashi touches our hearts. Your fortitude inspires us all. I wish you all good health and a bright future."

In a poignant moment, PM Modi spoke to the rescued men, conveying his happiness at their safe evacuation. "I am speaking on speakerphone so that everyone with me can hear you. Congratulations to all of you and your comrades. Your emergence in good spirits after such a long ordeal brings me immense joy. I cannot express it in words."

The emotional rollercoaster of this rescue operation culminated in tears of relief and heartfelt gratitude, underscoring the indomitable human spirit that persevered through adversity.



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