Kapurthala's Rail Coach Factory to roll out Vande Metro prototype by April

The Vande Metro is conceptualised based on India’s pioneering semi-high-speed train, Vande Bharat, tailored for intercity commuting. Designed to serve intercity routes spanning up to 250 km

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Kapurthala, February 11: The Rail Coach Factory (RCF) in Punjab’s Kapurthala is on track to unveil the inaugural prototype of the Vande Metro coach for intercity travel by April, announced its General Manager, S Srinivas.


Modeled on the pioneering concept of India’s indigenous semi-high-speed train, Vande Bharat, the Vande Metro aims to revolutionise intercity commuting with 16 anticipated coaches slated for completion by the latter part of the 2024-25 financial year.

Designed to serve intercity routes spanning up to 250 km, each Vande Metro train will comprise 16 air-conditioned coaches capable of operating at speeds of up to 130 km per hour.

"We are targeting the completion of the first prototype by April," Srinivas affirmed, emphasising the Vande Metro's focus on intercity travel.


Post-trial evaluations, the RCF will commence mass production of the Vande Metro, enhancing passenger experience and accessibility with each coach accommodating 280 passengers, including 100 seated and 180 standing commuters.

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Featuring a 3x3 bench-type seating arrangement to optimise passenger capacity, the Vande Metro assures a comfortable medium-distance commute. Additionally, each coach will integrate a passenger talkback system for emergency communication with the train driver, alongside 14 sensors for fire and smoke detection. Wheelchair-accessible lavatories will also be provided.


Furthermore, the train will incorporate the Kavach system, a critical safety measure to prevent collisions, ensuring a secure and efficient travel experience for passengers.

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