Wave Estate in Mohali hosts successful exhibition celebrating women entrepreneurs

By challenging stereotypes and celebrating diverse talents of women, the exhibition played a crucial role in promoting women empowerment, fostering a community that recognises and appreciates contributions of women

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Mohali, February 12: In a significant effort to celebrate women empowerment, a unique event took place at Mohali's Wave Estate in Sector 85, on Sunday. Challenging societal stereotypes, this event showcased the diverse talents of women who have successfully ventured into various fields, breaking barriers and contributing significantly to their families and communities. The event was organised by Nidhi Joshi and Deepika.


The exhibition, held at Mohali's Wave Estate, Sector 85, served as a platform for women entrepreneurs who excel in diverse fields, ranging from home-based cooking and baking to fashion designing and dealing in crockery. The event aimed to challenge the notion that women can only take up responsibilities related to childcare or domestic chores.

This empowering initiative highlighted the achievements of women who operate cloud kitchens or run successful businesses from home. The exhibition provided them with an opportunity to display their talents, skills, and products to a wider audience.

The event included various activities and attractions catering to both women and children. Tambola events, musical chairs, and singing competitions were organised, creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere. Participants and visitors alike showcased their talents, fostering a sense of community and support.



From 10 in the morning until 10 at night, the exhibition witnessed a steady stream of visitors, demonstrating the success and impact of the initiative. This event not only provided a platform for women to display their capabilities but also served as a recognition of their efforts, encouraging them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with increased confidence.

By challenging stereotypes and celebrating the diverse talents of women, the Wave Estate exhibition in Mohali has played a crucial role in promoting women empowerment, fostering a community that recognises and appreciates the contributions of female entrepreneurs.


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