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What is Rahul Gandhi's bank balance, source of income? Check Here

Written by  Jasleen Kaur -- April 04th 2024 01:04 PM
What is Rahul Gandhi's bank balance, source of income? Check Here

What is Rahul Gandhi's bank balance, source of income? Check Here

PTC Web Desk: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi officially submitted his nomination for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Wayanad, Kerala, where he currently serves as a sitting Member of Parliament. According to the affidavit accompanying his nomination, Rahul Gandhi has declared various financial assets, including stock market investments totaling Rs 4.3 crore, mutual fund deposits amounting to Rs 3.81 crore, and a bank account balance of Rs 26.25 lakh.

In addition to these investments, the 53-year-old Congress leader disclosed possessing cash worth Rs 55,000 and reported a total income of Rs 1,02,78,680 (Rs 1.02 crore) during the financial year 2022-23. His financial portfolio also includes gold bonds valued at Rs 15.2 lakh, as well as investments in National Savings Schemes, Postal Savings, and insurance policies, which collectively amount to Rs 61.52 lakh. Notably, Rahul Gandhi's jewellery assets are valued at Rs 4.2 lakh.

The aggregate value of his movable assets stands at Rs 9.24 crore, while his immovable property is assessed to be approximately Rs 11.14 crore. Consequently, his total assets are estimated to exceed Rs 20 crore, as per the details provided in his nomination papers. Rahul Gandhi has also disclosed a liability of around Rs 49.7 lakh.

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Following a grand roadshow in his constituency, Rahul Gandhi formally submitted his nomination, accompanied by senior leaders such as his sister Priyanka Gandhi and Congress general secretary KC Venugopal. In the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi will face competition from senior CPI leader Annie Raja and BJP's Kerala president K Surendran in Wayanad. Notably, he had secured victory in the same constituency in 2019 with a substantial margin of over four lakh votes.

The polling in Kerala, encompassing 20 Lok Sabha seats, is scheduled to take place in a single phase on April 26. The Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) currently holds 19 of these seats in the outgoing House.

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