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Samajwadi Party MP proposes Constitution to replace 'Sengol'; BJP responds critically

Prime Minister Narendra Modi allegedly neglected to bow to the "sengol" at his oath-taking, according to Akhilesh Yadav.

Reported by:  PTC News Desk  Edited by:  Annesha Barua -- June 27th 2024 11:56 AM -- Updated: June 27th 2024 12:46 PM
Samajwadi Party MP proposes Constitution to replace 'Sengol'; BJP responds critically

Samajwadi Party MP proposes Constitution to replace 'Sengol'; BJP responds critically

PTC News Desk: Following criticism from opposition MPs regarding its necessity in a democracy and charges by the BJP of demeaning Indian culture, the 'sengol' placed behind the Speaker's chair in the Lok Sabha has become the newest topic of contention in this legislative session.

Samajwadi Party MP RK Chaudhary's letter to Speaker Om Birla concerning the'sengol', a handcrafted, five-foot-long, gold-plated sceptre, has sparked controversy. According to the Mohanlalganj MP, a copy of the Constitution must be used in place of the "sengol."

"The country's democratic journey began with the adoption of the Constitution, which serves as its emblem. 'Sengol' was erected next to the Speaker's chair by the BJP government during its previous term. The Tamil word "sengol" means "sceptre." Rajdand also refers to the royal stick. The era of kings has ended, and we are now autonomous.

Presently, each and every man and woman who is able to vote choose the government to manage this nation. So, would the government be guided by the Constitution or by the king's wand?" He told ANI, a news agency. In order to "save democracy," the former minister from Uttar Pradesh insisted that a copy of the Constitution take the place of the "sengol." 
After led the Samajwadi Party to an impressive performance by gaining 37 seats in Uttar Pradesh, the party is currently the third-largest in the Lok Sabha.

When asked about the statement made by his party MP, Mr. Yadav responded, "The Prime Minister had submitted to'sengol' when it was imposed. However, this time he failed to bend upon taking the oath. Our MP may have wished to bring it up to the Prime Minister."

Regarding the'sengol' row, senior Congress leader and MP B Manickam Tagore repeated the Samajwadi Party MP. "We have made it extremely evident that the kingdom age is finished and that the'sengol' represents kingship. He said, "We ought to honor the Constitution and the democracy of the people.

Misa Bharti, the daughter of Lalu Prasad Yadav, and RJD MP both supported Mr. Chaudhary's demand. "Whosoever has demanded this, I welcome it," she stated.

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The'sengol' offensive by the opposition is also taking place in the context of the INDIA bloc's constitutional pushback against the third Narendra Modi government. The Constitution has been a fixture in the Opposition's meetings since the start of this session. Leading Indian politicians Sonia Gandhi, Mallikarjun Kharge, Rahul Gandhi, and Akhilesh Yadav, among others, held a protest on Parliament grounds on the first day of the session while carrying copies of the Constitution. While taking the oath, the Indian Members of Parliament, such as Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Yadav, also carried copies of the Constitution.

Meanwhile, the Opposition has been retaliated upon by the BJP for its "sengol" offensive. "The Samajwadi Party has been disparaging and attacking Sengol, a part of Tamil and Indian culture, as well as Ramcharitmanas in the past. If the DMK is in favor of this insult to "sengol," they ought to say so," he remarked.

Home Minister Amit Shah had stated at the'sengol's installation in the Lok Sabha last year that it was an effort to connect our contemporary and cultural heritage. "We want the administration to run by the rule of law, and this will always remind us of that," he stated.

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