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In Patiala, PM Modi urges Punjab voters to prioritise development over division

Lok Sabha Polls 2024 | PM Modi addresses gathering in Patiala; highlights construction of Ayodhya, Kartarpur Corridor

Written by  Shgun S -- May 23rd 2024 08:59 AM -- Updated: May 23rd 2024 05:51 PM
In Patiala, PM Modi urges Punjab voters to prioritise development over division

In Patiala, PM Modi urges Punjab voters to prioritise development over division

PM Modi Patiala visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday addressed a public gathering in Punjab's Patiala district in the run-up to the Lok Sabha Elections in Punjab. The BJP has fielded Preneet Kaur, sitting MP and former Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh's wife, from this seat. 

Upon his arrival at 'Royal City', PM Modi was accorded a warm welcome by leaders and part workers. 

BJP candidate Preneet Kaur, Bathinda candidate Parampal Kaur, state BJP president Sunil Jakhar, Faridkot candidate Hansraj Hans, and Manpreet Badal welcomed PM Modi on the stage and honoured him with a sword and siropa. 

Aiming to connecting with the audience on a deeper level, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his speech with 'Sat Sri Akal', and also incorporated several phrases in Punjabi. 

PM Modi urges Punjab voters to prioritise development over division

Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon the electorate in Punjab to exercise their franchise wisely, highlighting the importance of making informed choices for the betterment of the state and the nation.

Prime Minister Modi stressed the significance of ensuring that every vote counts and urged the people of Punjab to elect leaders who are committed to building a prosperous and developed state, thereby contributing to the vision of a prosperous India.

Presenting the electoral landscape, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the two contrasting options before the nation. "On one hand stands the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), advocating for progress and development. On the other hand, there is an alliance of corrupt parties, devoid of leadership and integrity," he added.

He said while the BJP-NDA alliance had the courage to confront terrorism and safeguard the nation's borders, the opposing alliance shed tears over encounters with terrorists and fail to provide a credible alternative.

Prime Minister Modi reiterated the achievements of his government, which, he claimed,  has lifted 25 crore people out of poverty in just 10 years. In contrast, the opposing alliance threatens to confiscate half of the hard-earned income of the citizens, he added.

Appealing to the people of Punjab, Prime Minister Modi sought their blessings, recognising the state's historical contributions to the nation's defense, culture, and development.     

PM Modi expresses concerns about the prevailing situation in Punjab

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed serious concerns about the prevailing situation in Punjab, stating that the state has become a stronghold for drug mafia and gangsters. 

Modi highlighted that the Sikh community has historically played a crucial role in protecting and serving the nation. However, rampant corruption and criminal activities have severely deteriorated the condition of Punjab. PM Modi's remarks underscore the urgent need for addressing these issues to restore law and order and bring prosperity back to the state.     

During his address, PM Modi asserted that some individuals in India are willing to betray anyone for the sake of power. 

'Ayodhya should have been constructed immediately after India's independence' : Modi

He criticised the Congress party, stating that the Ram temple in Ayodhya should have been constructed immediately after India's independence, but Congress obstructed its construction. Now that the temple is finally built, he accused Congress of disrespecting temple. 

Modi highlights significance of Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also criticised the opposition alliance, describing them as promoters of deep-seated communalism, casteism, and dynastic politics, warning that "they are capable of deceiving anyone for power".

Highlighting the Congress party's divisive tactics, Prime Minister Modi pointed out "how they orchestrated a partition of the nation for political gain, resulting in a situation where for 70 years, pilgrims had to rely on binoculars to catch a glimpse of Kartarpur Sahib".

Reflecting on historical events, Prime Minister Modi recalled the Bangladesh Liberation War when over 90,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to Indian forces, adding that more than 90,000 soldiers were under India's control. 

He pointed out that today, Kartarpur Sahib stood as a testament to his dedication to the Sikh community and the nation at large.

He said the government has exempted langar (community kitchen) from taxes, ensuring that devotees visiting revered gurdwaras such as Sri Harmandir Sahib no longer faced financial constraints.

Earlier, devotees from abroad found it challenging to contribute financially to Sri Harmandir Sahib. To address this issue, the government introduced exemptions in the regulations.

"Sri Fatehgarh Sahib stands witness to courage and martyrdom of the Sahibzade (sons of Guru Gobind Singh). It is under his leadership that Veer Bal Diwas, dedicated to the bravery of the Sahibzade, was proclaimed, he added.

Ahead of his arrival to Patiala, PM Modi faced strong opposition from farmers. Several farmer organisations have called for protests, including road blockades and sit-ins, ahead of the Prime Minister's arrival this Thursday.

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