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Family claims murder as accused in Salman Khan house firing case dies in custody

Anuj Thapan, hailing from Punjab, was purportedly involved in providing firearms to the individuals who discharged their weapons outside the actor's residence in Bandra on April 14.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 02nd 2024 10:36 AM
Family claims murder as accused in Salman Khan house firing case dies in custody

Family claims murder as accused in Salman Khan house firing case dies in custody

PTC News Desk: The sudden demise of Anuj Thapan, a key suspect in the shooting incident outside actor Salman Khan's Bandra residence, has cast a shadow over Mumbai Police's handling of the case. Anuj Thapan, hailing from Punjab, was purportedly involved in supplying weapons to the assailants responsible for the gunfire on April 14.

Mumbai Police, under scrutiny for Thapan's death, has disclosed that the Crime Investigation Department (CID) has initiated an inquiry into the matter. Thapan, who was apprehended just a week prior, was detained in a holding cell at the crime branch near the Mumbai Police headquarters.

According to police statements, Thapan, along with five others, was present in the lock-up on the morning of his demise. Allegedly, he was discovered hanging by a bedsheet in the restroom around 11 am, prompting immediate medical intervention. Despite efforts, he succumbed to his injuries during treatment at the hospital.

Authorities have registered a case of accidental death and assigned the CID to investigate any potential negligence by police personnel overseeing the lock-up. With five officers stationed nearby and CCTV surveillance in place, authorities intend to scrutinise footage to ascertain the circumstances leading to Thapan's demise. An autopsy is scheduled to be conducted at JJ Hospital.

Sources within the police department suggest that Thapan exhibited signs of distress regarding the case and expressed concerns about potential bail denial. Thapan, along with Sonu Kumar Bishnoi, was apprehended in Fazilka, Punjab, on April 26 for allegedly providing arms to Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta, implicated in the attack on Salman Khan's residence.

In a startling twist, Thapan's family has vehemently contested the suicide narrative, alleging foul play and demanding justice. Anuj's brother, Abhishek, asserted that Anuj was not inclined towards suicide and insisted on a thorough investigation into his death.

Legal representatives of Thapan's family have echoed similar sentiments, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding his demise and highlighting previous concerns expressed by the accused about their safety. Lawyer Amit Mishra underscored the urgency for a comprehensive inquiry, citing the unsettling development within 48 hours of the suspects voicing apprehensions.

The shooting incident, which involved notorious figures like gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and his brother Anmol Bishnoi, has invoked serious charges under the Indian Penal Code and the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act. Anmol Bishnoi had previously claimed responsibility for the gunfire outside Salman Khan's residence, adding further complexity to the ongoing investigation.

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