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Farmers confront Anil Vij in Ambala: "I won’t run away," he responds to protests

In Punjab and Haryana, BJP candidates are facing opposition from farmers who are questioning them during campaign events.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 21st 2024 09:17 PM
Farmers confront Anil Vij in Ambala:

Farmers confront Anil Vij in Ambala: "I won’t run away," he responds to protests

PTC News Desk: On Tuesday, Anil Vij, the former Home Minister and current Cantonment MLA, visited Panjokhara in the Ambala Cantonment Assembly constituency to campaign for a BJP candidate. However, farmers intercepted him, posing a series of questions. Vij engaged with the farmers, attempting to address their concerns.

The farmers questioned Vij about the barricades and the use of force against those who were peacefully marching to Delhi. They asked why bullets were fired at them. Vij responded, "I was the Home Minister at that time. I cannot run away; I take my responsibility. Whether we fired the bullets or not, I was the Home Minister."

The farmers also mentioned the use of tear gas and water cannons, and complained about the current government's restrictions on traveling to Chandigarh or hospitals. Vij clarified, "I am now just an MLA. I am here to work for you." He asked if they believed he had done his work, to which the farmers acknowledged his efforts.

One farmer questioned the development work in the area. Vij responded, "I am not aware of that." He emphasized that even if they stopped him, he wouldn't have fled. "I did not run away like other leaders; you and I are one. Our issues may be different, but we are one."

However, a video later emerged showing the crowd chanting "Down with the BJP government" and waving black flags in protest.

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