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International Yoga Day 2024: Indian scientists reveal health benefits of yoga through cutting-edge research

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International Yoga Day 2024: Indian scientists reveal health benefits of yoga through cutting-edge research

International Yoga Day 2024: Indian scientists reveal health benefits of yoga through cutting-edge research

International Yoga Day 2024: India has been a longtime practitioner of yoga, and there is ample evidence to support the use of this age-old technique for health. Indian experts are currently working to understand the science underlying yoga's health advantages.

Researchers from both domestic and foreign institutions, including the Defense Research and Development Organization and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, have been attempting to unravel the mystery surrounding the use of the well-being technique in a variety of fitness and lifestyle diseases.

The Department of Science and Technology's Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation (SATYAM) initiative and the June 21 International Yoga Day celebration have drawn attention to the traditional method's scientific investigation in recent years.

Researchers studying diseases like depression, rheumatism, back pain, hypertension, breast cancer, and obesity have found that regular yoga and meditation practice, even for brief periods of time, can enhance neuroplasticity in the brains of both healthy individuals and patients with neuropsychiatric conditions by improving mind-body communications.

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According to them, this lowers blood pressure, heart rate, dementia risk, and age-related chronic medical conditions. It also improves cognitive flexibility, which may further lower stress, anxiety, and discomfort, ultimately enhancing quality of life.

Additionally, scientists are examining how yoga affects the biological processes of women, including menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. When women have to go about their daily lives—both at home and at work—while dealing with these normal biological processes, it can be difficult. 

Furthermore, managing one's career and domestic duties at the same time is difficult in and of itself. Yoga can support you in overcoming these obstacles and preserving mental equilibrium while you fulfill all of your obligations. Research have shown that yoga has a calming influence on the nervous, hormonal, and muscle systems, which helps to reduce pain and other issues that arise throughout these procedures.

The number of teenagers in India is estimated to be 243 million. According to a systematic research conducted in India, teenagers' rates of psychiatric illnesses ranged between 0.48 to 29.40%.

Teenagers who regularly practice yoga can manage their overwhelming emotional, biological, and physical changes and reduce stress. They can more easily move into adulthood by strengthening their physical and psychological capacities with yoga.

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Even though a lot of experts are working to solve the various advantages' scientific puzzles, the relationship between science and this age-old practice is beginning to take shape. Scientists at Bangalore's Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have developed a way to gauge whether or not yogic asanas are being performed correctly. 

With the Department of Science and Technology's SATYAM program's assistance, they have created new mathematical metrics to measure skill in terms of steadiness and stability. The surface electromyography (sEMG) signals serve as the basis for the measures.  The electrical activity of muscle groups at rest and during activity is recorded and distinguished by the surface electromyography (sEMG) signals, which serve as a gauge of muscle activity.

In 2018–19, sixteen projects received support from the Department of Science and Technology's SATYAM initiative. The various effects of yoga and meditation on the body, mind, and awareness of humans will be investigated in these initiatives. The impact of yoga on diabetes, Parkinson's illness, motor function, schizophrenia, and moderate cognitive impairment will be examined in some research. 

Elderly people will receive yoga instruction to improve their balance. The effectiveness of Iyengar yoga in enhancing motor skills and gait patterns in kids with cerebral palsy will be investigated. An fMRI will be used in one experiment to map brain activity during audio guided meditation. The effectiveness of yoga as an intervention for opioid dependence will be examined in a different investigation.

Scientists like them can make a significant contribution to the body of knowledge regarding the benefits of yoga as a conventional wellness practice.

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