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SAD working committee urges vigilance to 'panth' and Punjab, expresses confidence in Sukhbir Singh Badal's leadership

Reported by:  PTC News Desk  Edited by:  Annesha Barua -- June 26th 2024 06:42 PM
SAD working committee urges vigilance to 'panth' and Punjab, expresses confidence in Sukhbir Singh Badal's leadership

SAD working committee urges vigilance to 'panth' and Punjab, expresses confidence in Sukhbir Singh Badal's leadership

PTC News Desk: Today, the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) issued a stern caution to the people of Punjab regarding a malicious conspiracy aimed at destabilising the hard-won peace and communal harmony in the state. The party expressed deep concern over efforts to incite communal polarisation for narrow political gains, with the sinister intention of attributing any resulting unrest to Sikhs, thus maligning Punjabis and the Sikh community at large.

In a resolution passed during a meeting of the Working Committee, the Shiromani Akali Dal highlighted the critical importance of peace and communal harmony as prerequisites for the progress and prosperity of Punjab's people. Emphasising their unwavering commitment to these values, deeply rooted in the teachings of the great Guru Sahiban, the party reaffirmed its dedication to safeguarding these principles amidst emerging challenges.

The Working Committee unequivocally placed its full faith and support in the resolute leadership of party president Sukhbir Singh Badal. Recognising his steadfast leadership, the committee authorised him to undertake necessary reconstitution and restructuring of the party in accordance with its constitutional framework.

Despite calls for disciplinary actions against certain members suspected of colluding with forces detrimental to the Panth and Punjab, chief Sukhbir Singh Badal advocated for a patient and magnanimous approach, rooted in the humility espoused by the revered Guru Sahiban.

The committee stressed the importance of maintaining internal discipline and decorum within the party, affirming its commitment to democratic principles that encourage constructive dialogue and dissent within established party platforms.

It strongly cautioned against actions that could undermine the party's integrity and contribute to external agendas aimed at destabilising the Khalsa Panth and Punjab, which have been openly acknowledged and condemned by these members in the past.

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Additionally, the SAD resolved to intensify its efforts towards realising genuine federalism in India, advocating for robust fiscal and administrative autonomy for states. Recognising India's diverse cultural, linguistic, and regional landscapes as integral to its unity, the party emphasised that a strong nation stems from empowered states that preserve and celebrate this rich diversity.

Finally, the meeting condemned recent attacks on Sikhs across the country, attributing these incidents to provocative communal rhetoric by influential leaders within the ruling party, citing examples such as Kangana Ranaut. The party warned that such incidents could be part of a broader conspiracy to stoke communal divisions and undermine national unity.

In conclusion, the Shiromani Akali Dal reaffirmed its steadfast commitment to peace, communal harmony, and the welfare of Punjab, urging all stakeholders to remain vigilant and united against divisive forces.

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