After mud pond mishap, Nagaland's Temjen Imna Along emerges victorious

The viral video he posted depicts him struggling to liberate himself from a shallow body of water, aided by three individuals.

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PTC News Desk: Nagaland’s Tourism and Higher Education Minister, Temjen Imna Along, is renowned for his unique blend of humor and insightful social media updates. Once again, he captivated his followers with a comical video showcasing him struggling to extricate himself from a muddy pond, aided by three individuals. Amidst the humorous scene, Along seamlessly inserts a crucial piece of advice, emphasizing the importance of checking a car’s NCAP (New Car Assessment Programs) rating before purchase, underlining the significance of vehicle safety standards.


Accompanying the post, Along wrote, “Aaj JCB ka Test tha! (Today was JCB’s test) Note: It’s all about NCAP Rating, Gadi Kharidney Se Pehley NCAP Rating Jarur Dekhe. Kyunki Yeh Aapke Jaan Ka Mamla Hain (Before buying a car, definitely check the NCAP rating. Because it is a matter of your life)!!”


The video depicts Along's struggle to emerge from a shallow, muddy pond, with one person pushing him from behind while two others attempt to pull him out from the front. Despite the challenging conditions, Along eventually frees himself, expressing gratitude to his helpers before taking a moment to rest on a nearby chair.

Since its upload, the clip has garnered significant attention, accumulating nearly 33,000 likes. Beyond mere views, users have praised Along's relatable nature and approachable demeanor.

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Commenters lauded his authenticity and warmth, with one user expressing the need for more politicians like him in the country, noting that despite his status, Along comes across as a common man enjoying time with his people. Another follower humorously suggested that he might need to engage in such activities more frequently, while others simply dubbed him "the best."

Beyond his viral video and political engagements, Imna Along has also showcased his compassion and cultural appreciation. Last year, he gifted locally sourced organic produce to Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone’s parents, Prakash Padukone and Ujjala Padukone, highlighting Nagaland’s unique agricultural offerings and further solidifying his connection with the people he serves.


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