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Afghanistan: 6 killed in grenade explosion in Ghor

Written by  Shefali Kohli -- March 21st 2023 09:00 AM
Afghanistan: 6 killed in grenade explosion in Ghor

Afghanistan: 6 killed in grenade explosion in Ghor

Afghanistan, March 21: Six people including a mother and her five children were on Monday killed in a grenade explosion in Afghanistan's central Ghor province, local officials said, sources reported. 

The explosion took place on March 19, in a residential house in Ghorqand village, in the vicinity of Ferozkoh, the provincial capital of Ghor province.

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Abdulhai Zaeem, the provincial director of information and culture of the province told reporters the incident happened when children were playing with a hand grenade inside their house, according to the sources. 

Unexploded military supplies left from decades of war often cause casualties among children in Afghanistan.

Two children were killed, and two others were wounded on March 17 when they were hit by an unexploded mortar shell in Logar Province.

According to the sources, the consequences of several decades of wars have been overwhelming for the people of Afghanistan, women, and children in particular. Besides, they have lost their family members and experienced terrible situations during years of war and political unrest. They are still paying the price.

Throughout Afghanistan, people are made vulnerable to such incidents due to the lack of proper mechanisms to raise awareness among mothers and children about the killer risks of land mines, mortar shells, and other military supplies. 

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