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Bangladesh MP allegedly 'honey-trapped'; killers skinned, chopped body, and used turmeric

Anwarul Azim Anar entered a Kolkata apartment when he was last seen alive. The MP's acquaintance rented the apartment.

Written by  Annesha Barua -- May 24th 2024 10:40 AM
Bangladesh MP allegedly 'honey-trapped'; killers skinned, chopped body, and used turmeric

Bangladesh MP allegedly 'honey-trapped'; killers skinned, chopped body, and used turmeric

PTC News Desk: The West Bengal police believe that contract killers may have killed Anwarul Azim Anar, the murdered member of parliament from Bangladesh, after luring him into a New Town apartment in Kolkata.

The police are looking into a US citizen's possible involvement in the murder in addition to the honeytrap theory. The individual was a close friend of the politician, according to the police, and he had allegedly paid Rs 5 crore for the murder. The individual is presently in the United States and owns an apartment in the capital of West Bengal.

Anwarul Azim Anar was last seen alive walking into a Kolkata rental apartment. The Bangladeshi lawmaker fell prey to a honey trap set by a woman who was also close to the victim's buddy, a top police informed PTI.

"It appears that the woman enticed Anar into the New Town apartment. We think he was killed not long after entering the apartment, the officer informed the news agency.

CCTV footage showing Anar entering the apartment with a guy and a woman has been discovered by the CID. Later, the two arrived and went from the apartment, but the MP never came out again.

"The politician was seen entering the apartment with the two people in the CCTV tape. The MP was not seen again, but the pair was later observed leaving and returning to the apartment the next day," the officer informed the outlet.

Later, the two emerged from the apartment carrying a large suitcase.

The apartment had bloodstains, according to the authorities. The corpse parts were likewise disposed of in multiple plastic bags.

The MP may have been first strangled, according to the authorities. His body was later divided into multiple parts. To slow down the decomposition process, the meat was separated from the bones and combined with turmeric powder.

"We suspect that after killing Anar, the murderers mutilated the body, segregated the flesh from the bones and mixed those with turmeric powder to delay decomposition," said the officer.

After being put in the trolley bag, the body parts were dispersed over the area. Additionally, certain sections were refrigerated.

The killers sent out messages to his contacts, pretending to be his family and friends, requesting them not to get in touch with him while he was on his way to Delhi.

Meanwhile, the CID detained a butcher from Mumbai who had skinned and sliced the MP's body.

"Jihad Hawaldar, 24, has been taken into custody. Hawaldar, a Bangladeshi national from Khulna, was residing in Mumbai without authorisation. He had a direct hand in the offense. An investigation is underway.

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