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Canadian Sikh woman designs special helmets for Sikh kids

Written by  Shefali Kohli -- January 08th 2023 09:50 PM
Canadian Sikh woman designs special helmets for Sikh kids

Canadian Sikh woman designs special helmets for Sikh kids

Canada, January 8:  Wearing a helmet while riding or driving a vehicle is compulsory as it reduces the risk of head and brain injury. In many countries, children under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet when riding a bike.

A special effort by Canadian Sikh woman Tina Singh is trending viral all over social media. 

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Inspiring story of Canadian Sikh woman, Tina Singh states that belonging to Sikh family she couldn’t find a single helmet to accommodate to his sons as long hair and turban. 

As per her statement, "I was frustrated that there wasn't a safe option in sports helmets for my kids."

As per Tina Singh’s story as her sons began learning to ride bicycle, safety of her kids became priority. 

Assuring the safely of her kids, she tried getting large to larger helmets but none of them fitted properly, scooping out the foam inside, or not putting a helmet on her kids at all. Since none were safe options, she took matters into her own hands.

Recently, Tina Singh set out to create turban-appropriate helmets on her own

So, she came up with the design that has a domed portion on top to accommodate a child’s hair, while still fitting the way a helmet should. 

“This is a multi-sports helmet for kids and it’s called a Sikh helmet. The helmet passed all the testing and is currently in production and coming to you in 2023,” Singh said.

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Working as occupational therapist who has worked with patients with acquired brain injuries, she knew the importance of a well-fitting bicycle helmet. 

A creative initiative by Tina Singh is very inspirational and useful for Sikh community.  

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