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Maldives President urges to repair India ties by overcoming stubbornness

Written by  Annesha Barua -- March 25th 2024 11:50 AM
Maldives President urges to repair India ties by overcoming stubbornness

Maldives President urges to repair India ties by overcoming stubbornness

PTC News Desk: Former Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has called upon current President Mohamed Muizzu to abandon stubbornness and engage in dialogue with neighboring countries to address financial challenges. Solih's remarks follow Muizzu's recent appeal to India for debt relief, sparking tensions given his perceived pro-China stance.

In a rally to support Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) parliamentary candidates, Solih highlighted media reports suggesting Muizzu's intention to negotiate debt restructuring with India. However, Solih emphasised that Maldives' financial woes are primarily owed to China, with a debt of MVR 18 billion compared to MVR 8 billion owed to India, both spanning a 25-year repayment period.

Solih urged for diplomatic engagement, emphasising the need to relinquish stubbornness and seek dialogue with neighboring nations. He criticized the current government for its perceived deception and reinstatement of projects initiated under the MDP government, accusing ministers of dishonesty.

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Relations between India and Maldives have strained since Muizzu's assumption of office, with his demands for the withdrawal of Indian military personnel from aviation platforms used for humanitarian purposes. Despite this, Muizzu affirmed India as Maldives' closest ally and expressed intentions to strengthen bilateral ties.

Ahead of Parliament elections scheduled for April 21, Muizzu's reconciliatory stance towards India signals a shift in diplomatic strategy. Despite his visit to China earlier this year, Muizzu's delay in visiting India, historically the first destination for Maldivian presidents, suggests evolving diplomatic dynamics in the region.

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